24K Gold Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Are Now Available

For those Samsung fans who happen to have several thousand dollars laying around waiting to be spent, the company’s latest flagships are now available in several configurations featuring 24K gold, platinum, and 18K rose gold. Starting at just $3,078 for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and $3,279 for the Galaxy S9 Plus, there are six different styles and each is available in three finishes. Those vary in terms of both color or material used and were created by the London-based luxury car customization company, Truly Exquisite. Perhaps surprisingly, the prices on each device go up unless the buyer chooses a “Hybrid SIM card” instead of a standard SIM. That appears to refer to an option to have both SIM slots occupied by a card, rather than leaving one open for expandable storage.

For the least expensive option available, the company has replaced the metal frame of Samsung’s flagship devices with any of the three abovementioned materials. Those are also set at the prices listed above. Stepping up from there, at $3,679 and $3,880 for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus respectively, is a simple plated option in any of the available variations. The plating covers the entirety of the device, including the back-panel buttons, physical edge buttons, and the camera surround. The company’s logo is also featured prominently at the bottom of the design. Moving to the $4,081 $4,281 price range, potential buyers are greeted by a crocodile skin option with a plated frame. There are four color-combinations available for each material, including black, gray, red, and blue. Last but not least, there are three limited-edition designs in each metal option available for the Samsung Galaxy S9 for $4,750 and the Galaxy S9 Plus for $4,950. Those include engraved line-art options which feature either a dragon, tiger, or lion. Each of those is also available in all three materials.

Setting aside those somewhat pricey luxury customizations, the devices in question are fairly standard on the inside. For the Samsung Galaxy S9, that means users are getting the 64GB version of the smartphone, expandable by up to 400GB via micro SD. The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, on the other hand, is based on the 128GB version. Buyers can expect the handsets to start shipping 21 days from the order and the devices will arrive in style packed into a wooden display box. Having said all of that, the most unique of those handsets, are limited in quantity to 99 for each design. These aren’t the first or only Android handsets to ship with gold-plated redesigns, of course, but they’ll certainly stand out from all the rest.

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