Adobe Premiere Rush CC Android App Arrives Next Year

In short: Adobe plans to launch its Premiere Rush CC video editor on Android at some point in 2019, according to Adobe. As its name implies Premiere Rush CC is part of the company’s overarching Creative Cloud suite of products, so it will come with a subscription for those who want to get the most out of the software. However, it also brings a number of high-quality editing tools and features to the table that should help make it one of the best apps available to get video footage ready for viewing. That’s because Adobe Premiere Rush CC is a cross-platform application that shares content and creation across desktop, iOS, and Android, letting users edit their videos regardless of where they happen to be or what device they’re on.

Background: Video editing on Android isn’t necessarily anything new. Not only are there plenty of applications and even some smartphones that come equipped with the capability out-of-the-box. Adobe itself has previously released apps explicitly for that purpose, such as Adobe Premiere Clips. Setting aside top applications like PowerDirector, KineMaster, VivaVideo, and Magisto Video Editor & Maker, none of that immediately makes Adobe Premiere Rush CC any less noteworthy. For starters, the company is no stranger to video editing software and is effectively bringing the best features of previous offerings to bear with the new app. It will, of course, include typical video editor functionality, letting users cut, merge, and transition between clips, photos, and graphics with in-depth control over how that happens.

Beyond this, the app pulls in features from Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition, beginning with Auto-Ducking for audio leveling and the ability to shift color tones and use Motion Graphics templates. Furthermore, Adobe’s new software features sharing preset tools for one-click publishing and will automatically optimize exports for mobile-centric platforms such as YouTube. Moving forward, the company plans to make things even more comprehensive by adding speed control features, adjusting for better app performance, and allowing shares across multiple platforms.

Impact: For the time being, all of this is going to be available starting with a free Starter Plan that allows full access to the application and desktop software as well as 2GB of cloud storage. With an unpaid plan, users can create an unlimited number of projects but can only export three. From there, both an individual and team monthly subscription are available for either $10 per month or $20 per month. Enterprise customers will need to pay up to $30 per month while educator bundles start at $20. That includes storage starting at 100GB and unlimited exports, in addition to access to the rest of Adobe Creative Cloud. While there is no firm date on when Android app support will go live other than “next year” there’s a sign-up option available for those who want to be notified about Adobe Premiere Rush CC as the product gets closer to launch.

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