Amazon Is Planning On Offering Podcasts In Two Of Its Services

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A new report suggests that Amazon is preparing to offer users podcasts in two of its services.

Which not only opens up the possibility for more listeners for podcast creators, but it adds some value for Amazon's subscribers. It should also make listening to podcasts on Amazon's Alexa-enabled speakers a little easier for those that use Amazon's services.

Currently you can only get podcasts on its Alexa-enabled devices through various skills and apps that aren't developed by Amazon. Such as Spotify, iHeart Radio and more.

Amazon may add podcasts to Amazon Music and Audible in the near future

It appears that Amazon will definitely add podcasts to Amazon Music and Audible at some point down the road.

The question really, is when that will happen. It could be closer than you think. Sooner rather than later, you may be able to listen to your favorite podcasts via Amazon's two streaming audio services.

An email obtained by The Desk shows that Amazon confirms the podcasts are coming. So they're on the way. And it looks like Amazon is contacting top podcast creators to let them know about the new podcasts feature in both these services.

The benefit for podcast creators in working with Amazon to submit their content means they'd have access to a large list of users. Between Amazon Music and Audible, Amazon has around 55 million subscribers. Many of which may not subscribe to any other streaming music app.

That opens the door for a lot of untapped potential in terms of listeners. But podcast creators would have to meet a list of requirements that Amazon has put on the table.

Podcast creators can't say bad things about Amazon or its services

The main term set forth by the company that Amazon doesn't want creators saying bad things about it.

One of the regulations that creators have to agree to if they want their feeds to be submitted before the podcasts feature arrives, is to abstain from negative context against Amazon.

Specifically creators can't say anything negative about Amazon as a company. They also can't be negative towards Amazon's products or services. Advertisements on the podcasts are required to abstain from this as well.

When podcasts launch on Amazon Music, both free tier subscribers and premium tier subscribers will have access. Audible only offers a free tier, save for the trial period, so users will more or less be paying to access podcasts there.

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