AT&T Launches Military Discounts On Its Unlimited &More, &More Premium Plans

In short: AT&T announced earlier this week that it was launching discounts for the Military, and now those discounts are available. This is for active duty Military, Veterans and their families, and you can save on the Unlimited &More as well as the Unlimited &More Premium plans over at AT&T. You ca get 25-percent off of either plan, that comes out to about $52.50 per line of $120 for a line of four. There are also discounts on AT&T’s other products, including $15 off per month on select video services, which include DIRECTV and DIRECTV NOW. Finally, you can get $15 off per month on select AT&T Internet services.

Background: Companies will typically offer some really nice discounts for those in the Military, as it’s an easy way to say thank you for your service, by offering up some nice discounts on services that you need. It’s the least that companies like AT&T can do, after a soldier has fought for the country and put his or her life on the line. Most companies do offer up discounts for military personnel, and some are actively hiring veterans that have come back from serving overseas. As it can be hard to find a job after being deployed. In fact, AT&T already employees over 10,000 veterans that are aged 30 and older. And it is also on a mission to hire an additional 20,000 between 2013 and 2020.

Impact: Obviously, in order to get these discounts, you will need to prove that you are eligible. Which can be done by either heading to an AT&T retail store, or heading to It’s actually a pretty easy process, and you should see your discount applied to your account within two months. That’s the standard time it takes for discounts to be applied to any account, and that is because this is all an automated process.

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