Google Search Results Will Look Naked Under New EU Copyright Laws

Those who find their news through Google may be in for a shock when the new EU copyright laws concerning news article snippets comes into effect, in the form of barren search result pages that

UNO! Game Lands On Android, Get Ready For Triumph & Frustration

Get ready to feel the frustration of having to draw twelve cards in one turn, the triumphant feeling of winning, and the thrill of shouting UNO! at strangers over the internet. This isn’t just the

EU Preparing To Fine Google Yet Again, This Time Over Adsense

EU competition authorities, led by Commissioner Margarethe Vestager, are reportedly weighing out yet another fine to issue to Google, this time over its AdSense ad placement product. This information comes from an anonymous insider who

Samsung May Use Audio Devices To Cool Future Phones

Samsung has put out a new patent that details a system wherein an unspecified audio device is used as a cooling channel for an electronic device. Essentially, Samsung’s new patent is for a cooling system

Forged Fantasy Simplifies The High Fantasy Action RPG

Forged Fantasy simplifies the core high fantasy action RPG formula to flow well on mobile, while adding some unique twists. Calling back to genre shapers like Champions of Norrath and The Witcher, Forged Fantasy provides

You Can Now Play Xiaomi’s Battle Royale Cash Grab On Android

Xiaomi’s own take on the battle royale genre, simply titled “Survival Game,” is now in closed beta, but if you didn’t manage to get in, you can still play. The game is, of course

Middleman Vulnerability Handed Hackers Fortnite Accounts

Epic Games’ massively popular Fortnite is a natural target for hackers, and one particularly devious exploit that was found by Check Point Research and subsequently patched allowed hackers to glean players’ account details undetected through

Westworld Game Removed In Wake Of Bethesda Suit

HBO took to Twitter to announce that its Westworld mobile tie-in game is shutting down, and is no longer available in the Play Store as of this writing. In-app purchases are also disabled. Players who

T-Mobile Says It Kept 5G Pledge, Waiting To Flip The Switch In 30 Cities

T-Mobile reportedly has a 5G service ready to go in 30 different cities in the United States, but has yet to flip the switch because there are currently no 5G phones available for use with the

Cali Court Rules Forced Unlocking Of Suspects’ Devices Unconstitutional

California’s Magistrate Judge Kandis Westmore has ruled that police forcing suspects, or anybody else, to unlock electronic devices via biometric means is unconstitutional. Specifically, she said that the practice was against the Fourth and Fifth Amendments