Samsung-Built Kohaku Is Almost Certainly The Chromebook Pro V2

A Chromebook that’s been seen floating around in the Chromium Gerrit repository under the codename ‘Kohaku’ since early this year has cropped up once again with new details all but confirming the gadget to be

CHUWI Hipad LTE Review – A Good Tablet If You’re Strapped For Cash

CHUWI’s newest Hipad LTE tablet is really a great tablet if expectations are tempered
CHUWI isn’t going to be a recognizable brand for most users in the Western parts of the world and its CHUWI Hipad

How To: Sidestep Shady Methods Used By Some Data-Stealing Apps

Mobile apps have access to a lot more information than many users may be aware of and at least some of those are deliberately trying to gain access to far more sensitive information than is

Chrome Colors Update Gives Canary Users A Ton Of New Themes

Google has been making serious headway toward giving users more choice for theming or recoloring its Chrome browser and with the latest update, it’s just made progress again. The change, spotted by Chrome Story, builds

Top 10 Best Value Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now – July 2019

With dozens of big manufacturers unleashing a slew of devices every year, choosing a new smartphone isn’t necessarily an easy task. Making matters worse, there seem to be fewer differences between any given gadget in

Join The Block Party & Stop Unwanted Calls With T-Mobile On July 15th

T-Mobile will be hosting a virtual ‘Block Party’ via social media on July 15th in celebration of scam calls identified or blocked and in promotion of new features that stop the calls before they hit customers’

Chrome OS Virtual Desks Are A Step Closer With New Navigation

Development on virtual desktops for Chrome OS is well underway and now there’s a new navigation method that’s been added, first spotted in the Chromium bug tracker by Chrome Unboxed, that will make using the feature

Third-Party Launchers Get No Gesture Navigation In Android Q Beta 5

Third-party launchers and those Android users who install them aren’t going to have access to Android Q’s new gesture navigation features as of the fifth version of the update’s beta program. That’s according to a

Federal Court Agrees That Presidents Can’t Block Twitter Users

President Trump and other elected officials cannot block out dissenting opinions on social media according to a recently reported ruling by the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit. The ruling follows an appeal filed

Google Messages Now Has A Public Beta, Here’s How You Sign Up

With mobile software, gaining early or first access to new things can, at least for some, often feel like an accomplishment in its own right and it’s now possible to get that from Google’s Messages