Challenging Co-Op, Single-Player, PvP Await In Space Justice

Fans of the RPG, base building, and bullet hell genres are in for a treat with the newly announced launch of publisher and developer IT Territory’s vertical scrolling shooter, Space Justice. Not content

HONOR Defies Industry Decline, Plots Course For 2019

The global smartphone industry has been and is in decline but in the leadup to HONOR’s global launch of the flagship View 20, the company doesn’t seem to have gotten the notice. The manufacturer recently unveiled

5G-Streamed VR Closer To Reality With Google’s Foveated Compression

Streaming VR and AR experiences over 5G data connections could be moving a step closer to reality thanks to a Google invention designed to ensure video file sizes remain sensible even as resolutions shoot up

Smartphone Fingerprint Sensors Now Barely Worth Anything: Report

Fingerprint sensor manufacturers are starting to look more closely at opportunities outside of the smartphone industry because of low returns from the segment that’s being caused by rising demand, as suggested by a newly emerged report

CTL Pits Itself Against ASUS In Education With New Chrome OS Tab

CTL has announced a brand new Chrome OS tablet called the CTL Chromebook Tab Tx1, set to hit the market with a relatively low level of competition in February. The Oregon-based company has provided plenty of

Motorola Working On The Best Way To Interact With A Foldable Phone

Motorola is pondering the best way to enable users to interact with both sides of a folding smartphone or tablet hybrid in a new patent that’s shown up at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Pandora Surprises Everybody With Its Own Twist On Digital Voice Assistants

Popular music streaming provider and app-maker Pandora has decided that linking up with third-party AI ecosystems isn’t ideal and launched its own native helper called Voice Mode. The assistant will begin by rolling out in a limited

Google’s Chrome OS Team Finally Showing Some Love To Linux Apps

Googlers on the Chrome OS repository are working to make finding and installing Linux applications more straightforward, based on recent changes spotted in the commits. The newly added code points to an experimental feature and

LG Uplus Branches Out With Google Into VR Content Distribution

LG Uplus is looking to help introduce a swath of new VR content in partnership with Google through the creation of a new fund meant to assist the search giant’s investment efforts, according to recent

Satechi Wireless Charger V2 Review – A Fast Wireless Charging Pad With Style

Wireless charging has become common enough that it’s not difficult to find accessories for accomplishing the task at prices ranging from $10 for charging pads to over $400 for furniture-embedded solutions. Not every wireless charger