Tab Grouping & Page Previews Appear In Android Chrome Canary

Android users are getting at least two long-anticipated user-facing features in the Canary variant of Google Chrome, including both a new tab-grouping feature first spotted by Chrome Story and a page preview tool discovered while Android

ARCHOS Play Tab Unveiled, Bringing Back Family Game Night In Digital

While other companies are rapidly shifting gears to promote cloud-based gaming experiences, ARCHOS has now revealed a device that goes decidedly against that grain and focuses on local gameplay in a digital form via the

eBay Expands Managed Payment Options Significantly With Google Pay

eBay is now officially adding Google’s Pay platform to the growing list of options for sellers and buyers to choose from on its managed payments platform. That means that buyers will be able to use

Gestures In Chrome Mobile Are Finally Catching Up With Chrome OS

A new flag for Google’s Chrome for mobile devices has now cropped up that allows intuitive history navigation in a way that’s much more consistent with other versions of the browser. Present in both the

New Chrome Omnibox Feature Hints At Easy Drive Searchability

Google Drive users accessing Chrome via a logged in account associated with G Suite Business, Enterprise, Education, Enterprise for Education, and Nonprofits will soon be able to search for files stored in the cloud by

10 Best Google Chromebooks You Can buy Right Now – March 2019

Chrome 73 arrived in March, bearing new under-the-hood optimizations, a split to security and privacy settings, and hints of better support for accessibility features. The upcoming software also suggested that system-wide dark mode is slowly

Popular Email App Spark To Save Inbox Users At The Last Moment

Inbox by Gmail users may be on the verge of having at least one more option to choose from when making the switch away from the email client, following a recently spotted Tweet indicating that

One Of The Biggest Chrome OS Complaints Now Solved – Enter Stadia

A lack of real gaming options is easily among the most common complaints to circulate around Google’s Chrome OS but it now seems as if the solution to that has been incoming for years, arriving

Google Stadia Won’t Exactly Be Like The Other Streaming Services

Today marked the launch of Google’s entry into the gaming market via the streaming Stadia platform but just because it’s a streaming service doesn’t mean it will be just like anything else that’s already available

Chromium Edge Installer Now Available To A Wider Windows Test Group

An official installer for Microsoft’s upcoming Chromium-based Edge web browser has now been spotted on the company’s servers by tech news blog HTNovo. The downside to the appearance of the executable setup file is that