Google Admits To Mishandling Some Passwords For 14 Years

For years, Google managed to avoid major security slip-ups, having nurtured the reputation of a tech giant that does a relatively decent job at keeping your data safe, even though the only reason it has

Huawei Founder Unsurprised With Trump Ban, Still Confident In 5G Win

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei is unsurprised with the executive order and subsequent blacklisting the United States President Donald Trump signed last week which consequently crippled Huawei’s global operations by forbiding American companies from doing business

Trump Ban To Bring Huawei’s Supply Chain To Its Knees In Record Time

The executive order President Trump signed last week in order to prevent American companies from doing business with any foreign entity deemed to be a national security threat is extremely likely to bring Huawei’s global

That OnePlus 7 Pro Price Hike’s Paying For Robert Downey Jr. Ads In Asia

OnePlus was always eager to highlight its commitment to delivering the very best for their customers in any way possible, which is how it justified pretty much every annual price hike attached to its new

Samsung Giving Out Rewards To Stop Galaxy Fold Pre-Order Cancellations

Samsung resorted to loosening some rules of its loyalty program in the United States in order to stop consumers from cancelling Galaxy Fold pre-orders en masse.

According to a new report, the firm started sending

Trump Bans Huawei From The U.S. As China Tensions Escalate

United States President Donald Trump is signed an executive order that essentially bans Huawei from conducting any kind of business in the country, the White House confirmed moments ago.

The move cripples stateside ambitions of

Top 5 OnePlus 7 Pro Features

Following today’s ambitious announcement, Chinese manufacturer OnePlus is officially done with its “flagship killer” strategy, not that it didn’t start pricing its products above the amazingly value-oriented range a few years back already.

By deciding

OnePlus 7 Pro Already Available To T-Mobile Customers – Kind Of

In accordance with teasers that went live over the last several days, the OnePlus 7 Pro has just been made available to T-Mobile customers, immediately after its launch event in New York City wrapped up

Google Thinks The Pixel 3a Crowd Can’t Afford Bluetooth Headphones

The target audience for the recently launched Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL smartphones likely can’t afford (quality) Bluetooth headphones, at least some Google officials believe.

The closing program of last week’s Google I/O 2019

Calls For Facebook To Be Broken Apart Intensify, Reach Politicians

Calls for Facebook to be broken apart are intensifying in the United States and have already reached stateside politicians. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, California Senator Kamala, and California Representative Ro Khanna are among top-level politicians who