Samsung’s Next Big Thing Could Be The First To Use AMD’s Graphics Prowess

Samsung hasn’t done a lot this year to deserve fortifying its position in the global smartphone market, yet that’s exactly what the company managed to accomplish seeing how the United States ended up unleashing all

Huawei Regains Access To Key Mobile Tech – But That’s Not Enough

The SD Association still counts Huawei among its members, even though the Chinese firm was temporarily removed from that list due to a mid-May ban ordered by United States President Donald Trump.

The clarification arrived

Huawei Slams FedEx After Foreign Packages Rerouted To The U.S.

Another scandal starring Huawei appears to be on the horizon, with the company on Tuesday disclosing it’s reviewing its business relationship with FedEx after the Memphis, Tennessee-based shipping firm attempted rerouting two foreign packages sent to

Shady Or Not, Huawei Is A Clear Victim Of Trump’s Trade War On China

To say that Huawei has a long history of issues with both the United States government and American companies would be an understatement. And for the most part, you can certainly see where its critics

Rural America May Lose Carriers Following Trump’s Huawei Ban

Small wireless carriers throughout the United States are facing serious issues stemming from their supply lines after President Donald Trump signed an executive order and subsequent blacklisting of Huawei earlier this month, citing major national

Huawei Details What Will Happen To Its Customers After Android Ban

With Huawei now counting the days until the security measure issued by the United States government earlier this month once again takes full effect and continues crippling its relationship with Google, the company resolved to

Huawei Founder Laughs About US Ban, Mocks Trump As Daughter Faces Charges

In the first filmed interview with a Western outlet following the mid-May ban issued by the United States government, Huawei founder and one of the richest men in the world, Ren Zhengfei, laughed about the

Apple & Samsung To Profit As U.S. Ban Cripples Huawei

Apple is extremely likely to retake the title of the world’s second-largest smartphone maker by both shipments and sales after losing that spot to Huawei in 2018, according to a new report authored by Strategy

Huawei May Have Just Revealed The Name Of Its Android Rival

Huawei may have just revealed the name of its operating system planned to be launched as an alternative to Android, with the company securing a trademark on the term “Hongmeng” in its home country of

More Companies Cut Huawei Ties As Tech Crisis Worsens

More companies joined efforts to cut ties with Huawei and stop supplying the Chinese electronics giant with their technologies following a ban signed by United States President Donald Trump last week.

Panasonic is one of