Hello Moto: G7 Line Leaks On Company’s Website, Full Specs Revealed

In what is a fairly substantial leak, and about as official as a leak is likely to get, detailed information has now surfaced on the entire Moto G7 lineup for 2019. The details come from

Wherever You Are, So Is YouTube TV: Google’s Bet On Live TV Goes Nationwide

YouTube TV is now going nationwide.

The announcement was made today via a YouTube blog posting that confirmed the live TV streaming service is now reaching places in the US it had not been able

You’re Not In Control Of Your Social Network Privacy, Your Friends Are

It’s no secret that social networks are able to gain enough usable information on their users to predict behaviors, desires, and advertising leanings. But what might come as a surprise to some, is that you

Sony TV Owners, Your Android TV Oreo Update Is Now On Its Way

If you own a recent Sony-branded, Android TV-powered TV set then it looks like you have an update that’s now en route to your device, and it’s a big one as this update will upgrade

Forget Subscriber Numbers, Netflix Scores First ‘Best Picture’ Oscar Nomination

If you thought Netflix couldn’t cement its position as the leading streaming service any more than it already has, then think again, as Netflix was one of the big winners from this year’s Oscar nominations

Samsung Galaxy S10 Might Use Transparent Second Display To Solve Hole-Punch Issue

A recently published patent suggests upcoming Samsung smartphones might utilize what is in effect a secondary screen in certain circumstances to overcome the issue of aspects of the display having to be left unused –

Amazon Prime Video Pricing Explained: Should You Go All-In Or Standalone?

Amazon Prime video is a popular video streaming service and one many people are likely to already be familiar with. Especially considering Amazon makes it available to a number of its customers for free.


Netflix Pricing Explained: What’s The Best Plan? Should You Upgrade or Downgrade?

It seems like everyone has a Netflix subscription these days and so the chances are good that if you’re reading this, you already are a Netflix customer.

That doesn’t mean this is not an article

Netflix Confirms Q4 2018 Results, Says HBO & Hulu Are Not Competition

Netflix has now provided insight into how it performed during Q4 2018 as well as last year as a whole, while at the same time taking a moment to point out how competing services like

Getting Started With Hulu: Devices, Plans & Pricing Explained

Everything you need to know before signing up to Hulu
There’s plenty of streaming options now available so which one you opt for will mostly come down to personal preference on content or price although