Viacom Publicly Outs AT&T Over DIRECTV Snub, Channel Blackout Likely

There’s now the very real possibility that DIRECTV customers are about to experience a total Viacom channel blackout.

Viacom confirmed as much today stating that ongoing talks with AT&T have failed and pointed to

Don’t Add HBO To WatchTV: AT&T Will Charge You More Than Everyone Else

If you subscribe to WatchTV, then presumably you want to save some money. After all, WatchTV is a service that’s purpose-designed to accommodate those looking to spend less on TV-related content each month.

As you

Qualcomm On Top After Jury Decides Apple’s iPhone Infringed On Patents

Qualcomm has come out the other side victorious in its latest battle with Apple.

The San Diego-based company today confirmed that a U.S. court (also in San Diego) has found Apple to be in

How AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW Channel Landscape Has Now Changed

AT&T has drastically changed its DIRECTV NOW service in the past few days and to the point where it now looks and feels like a vastly different product.

One of the reasons for this

Google’s Love Of Notches Now Extends To Android Q Screenshots

It seems Google has taken too much of a liking to the notch as screenshots taken on an Android Q-running device now include the notch, as well as rounded corners.

As the Google Pixel series

Is DIRECTV NOW Still Worth It? Channels You Get, Channels You Don’t

AT&T has announced a fairly major revision to its DIRECTV NOW service. The changes affect not only the number of plans that are on offer, but also the prices, and even the channels you

MoviePass Admits To 2018 Subscriber, Revenue Counting Problem

Like any good movie, the MoviePass twist and turns just keep coming. In the latest development, the brand’s parent company Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. has now confirmed that some of the financial statements it

Amp, Liquid, Optiv and Pulse “By AT&T TV” Trademarks Surface

Amp, Liquid, Optiv and Pulse are some of the latest AT&T-related trademarks to have been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The trademarks are specifically listed as “Amp By AT&amp

NCAA March Madness Live App Updated For 2019, Now Includes Android TV Support

The NCAA March Madness Live Android app has now been updated ahead of the 2019 event.

As to be expected, the update ensures the app is ready for primetime when the NCAA March Madness 2019

Cord Cutting Picked Up Steam In 2018, Major TV Providers Feeling The Pressure

The major Pay-TV providers in the U.S. lost close to three million subscribers during 2018.

These are the latest findings by Leichtman Research Group and tally well with other reports that have been coming