BBC Two Uses VR Headsets For Renovation Show ‘Watch This Space’

BBC Two is using VR headsets for its upcoming show called ‘Watch This Space,’ which focuses on couples who are looking to renovate their home. In the show, couples will use VR headsets to view two separate VR models of their property containing curated designs of the home after having been renovated. With the headsets, the homeowners will be able to view all aspects of their house with these new and different designs, and eventually pick from one of them before starting the renovation process using those designs and heading toward the end result of the home looking as it did in the virtual reality space.

It appears as a fresh take on how to implement VR technology into media content that can be consumed, though viewers of the show aren’t actually watching it in VR themselves which is how things might normally be implemented. A duo of designers, which includes Laura Clark and Robert Jamison, will come up with two contrasting ideas for the remodel following the budget of the home owners while also utilizing certain ideas and desires for what the home owners are looking to achieve with a renovation.

At the moment Watch This Space isn’t available for viewing on the BBC Two channel as the show is currently under production. There’s also no mention of when the show is expected to air but with it being in production still it might be a little while before it’s ready for viewers. Watch This Space isn’t BBC‘s first step into the VR world as it has a couple of VR apps available through Google’s Daydream platform that can be experienced by Android users, and it’s currently offering numerous ways to stream a collection of World Cup 2018 matches on various VR platforms for UK viewers, such as PlayStation VR, Gear VR and more.

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