‘black’ Is Now Available, Simple & Addictive Puzzle Game

In Short: In case you like puzzle games, well, there’s a new game in town called simply “black”. This puzzle game is currently holding a 5-star rating, after over 800 reviews, and it currently has over 10,000 installs in the Play Store. The only three colors you’ll see in this game are black, white, and gray, primarily the first two, though. There are 50 levels included in this game at the moment, and in every level you have one goal, to make the screen go black. In some levels, for example, you’ll need to simply pull a switch in order to turn off the lights, and make the screen black, while in others you’ll need to paint over the white color. These are only some basic examples, as some levels are more complicated than others, of course. All in all, each level has its own logic, so don’t expect to see much repetition here, which is great considering not many puzzle games offer such gameplay.

Background: This application comes with ads, but you can remove them for a one-time fee inside the game, you’ll need to splash out around $2.50 to remove ads. This app is free, though, so if you don’t mind ads, you can play it as long as you want. This game comes from a developer called ‘Bart Bonte’, a developer behind a number of apps, and two prequels to “black”. You may have heard of games called “yellow” and “red”, which are games that have a really similar mechanic to “black”, as you need to make the display go yellow and red in those games, respectively. This developer has 13 apps under its belt in the Play Store, in case you were wondering.

Impact: black is an extremely simple-to-play game, and if you do like such puzzle games, it’s worth a shot. You can also install yellow and red games, if you want, as you’ll be right at home in all three of those games, and will get plenty of gameplay across all of them. If you’re interested in “black”, a download link is included down below, along with an image gallery.

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