Verizon’s Newly Launched MiFi Is Its Fifth 5G-Enabled Device

Verizon is touting its fifth 5G-enabled device with the recently launched MiFi M1000 from Inseego, which the nation’s largest wireless carrier just launched yesterday. In addition to launching this new MiFi it also opened up

Oculus Working on a Fix for the Screen Glitch Bug on the Rift S

The Oculus Rift S represents some of the absolute best hardware in the VR space. It’s got cutting-edge next-generation lens technology, a display with less of that annoying “screen door effect”, and a new inside-out

This 50-inch Insignia 4K Fire TV Is A Steal At $269

Amazon had some pretty good deals on Fire TV Edition TVs during Prime Day earlier this week, but this one right here is an even better deal than during Prime Day. This is an Insignia

By 2023, Half Of Smartphone Users Will Have A 5G Phone

Although 5G networks have gone live in only select locations all over the world and only a handful of 5G-ready handsets are available in the market currently, a new report from the research firm Gartner

Motorola Will Join The 21:9 Trend With Its One Action Smartphone

While the Motorola One Action has not yet been announced, we have seen a number of leaks and rumors surrounding the device, come out already.

Now, the device has shown up in the Google Play

Improve Your WiFi Coverage & Speed With This Discounted NETGEAR Orbi

WiFi is one of those things (we think) we need to survive, but it really isn’t. Everything is done over WiFi now, but unfortunately a lot of routers are still not all that great at

Don’t Write Off Netflix Just Yet

In the last twenty-four hours the news cycle has been awash with a “Netflix is dommed’ narrative. Well, it’s more of a “Hi Netflix, welcome to the new world” line but the point is all

Stadia Controllers Won’t Support Bluetooth Audio At Launch

Stadia controllers support Bluetooth for the initial setup, and with that Bluetooth Low Energy technology baked in some suspected that it might allow for a connection to a Bluetooth headset or earbuds for use with

Huawei Won’t Be Allowed To Buy Or Sell US Patents If New Bill Passes

Senators and House representatives have introduced bills to disallow new selling licenses for American companies interested in blacklisted corporation Huawei Technologies Co Ltd., but a new Senate bill introduced Thursday would prevent Huawei from buying

A Nokia Feature Phone Running Android Has Apparently Been Spotted

9to5Google has posted an image of an alleged Nokia feature phone running Android. Rumors have been floating around since over a year ago that Google is developing a stripped-down version of its operating system that