OPPO Goes After Huawei P30 Line With Reno Family

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO recently launched its OPPO Reno handset lineup in Europe during an event that took place in Zurich, Switzerland. This launch event comes two weeks after OPPO initially unveiled its newest device

iFixit Finds Out Why The Galaxy Fold Is Breaking So Quickly

iFixit, a team known for its teardowns of smartphones and analysis of hardware internals, highlighted the possible causes of the display failures of the Galaxy Fold.

Several reviewers who got a hold of the handset

European OnePlus 7 Pro Leak Highlights A Steep Price Point

Prices for at least two variants of the upcoming OnePlus 7 Pro have reportedly leaked at a significantly higher cost than for the company’s previous handsets, according to recent reports. Citing tipster Ishan Agarwal, the

Sony Xperia 2 Can’t Commit To A Single Display Tech

According to a report from Japan, the Sony Xperia 2 may actually arrive in both LCD and OLED variants. The Sony Xperia 1 is essentially a brand new smartphone, and yet rumors regarding its successor

A Dream Of Spring: Samsung Losing Precious Time With Galaxy Fold Delay

It’s not exactly a secret that Samsung opted to postpone the Galaxy Fold’s launch, and AT&T may have just revealed a new release date for the phone. According to “MightyDroid” Twitter user (also David

History Of The LG V Series

The LG V series of phones came to life back in 2015, the same year the company’s LG G4 flagship was announced. The LG G4 was announced in April 2015, while the LG V10, the

OnePlus 7 Launch Date Confirmed With Promises Of Grandeur

OnePlus 7 is launching on May 14, the Chinese company announced earlier today, confirming earlier rumors about a mid-spring debut being planned for the upcoming Android flagships.

In accordance with OnePlus’s established product strategy, its

Google Evolves Chrome Data Saver Into New Lite Mode

A new update is now rolling out to Chrome for Android with at least one new feature that Google says is significant enough to warrant a complete name change. Now, users can expect to see

Samsung Recalls Its Galaxy Fold As Suppliers Search For Answers

Unnamed sources from various industries are now coming forward to discuss the repercussions of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold flagship, as the company reportedly reaches out to recall the review units it had previously shipped according to

OnePlus 7 Lab Gives Reviewers Another Chance At Free Phones

China-based OnePlus is now accepting applications in preparation for the launch of its next-generation family of Android flagship killers, the OnePlus 7. Applications are being accepted until 8:00 PM EDT on May 3. OnePlus will