Opinion: AT&T’s Main DIRECTV NOW Problem Is AT&T

AT&T seems to like to tell video consumers what they want. While this dictatorial approach may have worked in the past, it no longer gels so well with consumers.

As a result, it is

Stop Cord Cutting Wrong: How To Maximize Your Monthly Savings

One of the biggest criticism currently leveled at the world of cord cutting is the number of subscriptions people are now expected to have.

Social media right now seems to be awash with people complaining

How’s Your LeEco Android TV Experience Going? Not So Good?

LeEco arrived in the US with an Android TV bang making it clear it was here to stay. The only problem was, LeEco didn’t stay.

Within weeks of the fanfare of its arrival dying down

Where To Watch NFL Network Now DIRECTV NOW Has Dropped It

DIRECTV NOW has continued with its channel revamp by dropping NFL Network.

This is unlikely to be great news for NFL fans and certainly considering the playoffs have just started up.

At the moment it

How To Watch Game Of Thrones?

We all love Game of Thrones, don’t we? It is already considered as the best and most popular and successful series in television history. Even George R. R. Martin couldn’t have predicted how successful it

How We Switched Live TV Streaming Services & Saved

As someone who has been using YouTube TV since the day it launched on my street, the news YouTube TV has upped the price was not fun to hear.

Adding extra insult to injury, being

Google Home Casting To Android TV Issue Appears To Be Fixed

An issue surrounding casting content to an Android TV device from a Google Home speaker now appears to be fixed.

Google has not officially confirmed the fix, but a number of forum users do state

Disney+ Will Cost Just $6.99 Per Month, Launches November 12

During the company’s investor day, The Walt Disney Company released a wealth of information regarding its upcoming Disney+ streaming service.

Most notable of which is the service is due to go live in the US

This Is What The Disney+ Streaming App Looks Like

The Walt Disney Company held its annual investor’s day event today and spent a good amount of time promoting the content that it’s acquired through the recent Fox deal. In addition to highlighting the growth

7 Best YouTube TV Alternatives In 2019

It is still early in 2019 and yet DIRECTV NOW, Hulu and YouTube TV have all already raised the price of their respective live TV streaming services.

YouTube TV was the most recent after having