Google Attaches Its First Real AI Warning To Annual SEC Report

Google is one of the largest entities in the artificial intelligence arms race right now, so it’s kind of a big deal that it recently, for the very first time, included a warning about how

Google Messages v4.0 Allows You To Rename Group Chats & More

Google’s Messages application is now receiving a new update, and it is actually getting some rather major changes in this update, changes that many of you will probably appreciate. This update comes with a version

Google Paid Out $3.4 Million In Vulnerability Rewards During 2018

A system is only as good as its security and Android, along with the rest of Google’s products and services are no different. This is one of the reasons why Google started its ‘Vulnerability Reward

Childish Gambino Hits Pixel Playground For #PixelDanceOff

If you’ve got any generation of Pixel or Pixel XL, you can not only share the dance floor with a digital Donald Glover in the augmented reality Pixel Playground, but also compete against other Pixel

How To Factory Reset Google Home

The Google Home, Home Mini and Home Max are all pretty impressive smart speakers from Google, with the Google Assistant built-in. But they are not perfect. You may run into issues where the Google Assistant

Google Looks To Develop Next Innovation In Room-Scale VR

Google is looking at ways to fundamentally change how room-scale VR works based on no fewer than three recent patents spotted at the World Intellectual Property Organization by Android Headlines. The purpose of the three

More Pixel Watch Hints Emerge As Google’s Hardware Ambitions Grow

Even more signs of a Pixel-series smartwatch being in the works emerged online this week as Google started looking for industry veterans experienced in the field of wearables.

According to several newly spotted job listings

Google Translate Used To Fool Mobile Users In New Phishing Attempt

A newly discovered phishing attempt used Google Translate to fool users by concealing the actual domain of malicious websites. A security researcher from Akamai found this new social engineering strategy after he received a random email

Adiantum Is Google’s Encryption Solution For Entry-Level Android Phones

Encryption on Android is no longer a new thing although that does not mean every device that runs on Android comes with the safeguards that are afforded by encryption.

While it has been the goal

Google Play Music Won’t Let You Cast 2019 Music, But There’s A Fix

Google Play Music currently does not seem to be a fan of 2019 albums and songs. At least, when it comes to casting them as a number of users of the Android app are now