AirTV Mini Not The Savior Device Android TV Needs

This week AirTV launched its new AirTV Mini but this is not the Android TV savior we were hoping for.

The AirTV Mini had been expected considering news of it broke in May but what

Google Assistant Gets New Interactive Game ‘Journey To The Moon’

Google Assistant can be a useful tool for many different things from answering silly questions to full-on controlling stuff around the house for you if those things support the platform. Google Assistant also plays games

Stadia Reddit AMA To Answer Your Burning Questions Tomorrow

The launch of Stadia happens this Fall with an official time frame of November, and despite Google holding its official Stadia Connect livestream on YouTube to announce the release date, pricing, and games information for

You Can Now Buy Android TV On A Stick With Dish’s $79.99 AirTV Mini

Dish Network’s AirTV has now launched its newest Android TV-powered product, the AirTV Mini.

This device first properly came to light back in May when its existence was commented on during the 2019 DISH Team

How To Play Chrome’s Hidden Wimbledon Browser Game

Google may be just now dipping its toes into the waters of the gaming industry on a larger scale thanks to the upcoming Stadia service, but it’s offered games in some form for quite some

Prime Video For Android TV Now Updated On The Google Play Store

The Android TV version of the Prime Video app has now received an update on the Google Play Store although it still remains unclear if this is the version that makes the app widely available

You Can Stop Complaining About Android Q’s Gestures Now

Android users like to complain. A lot.

That’s fine and nothing new but when it comes to the new Android Q gestures, it seems the complaining has reached dizzying heights

To be clear, this is

Google Fit Application Gets Dark Theme Option

Google Fit app is the latest application from the Mountain View giant to get the dark theme option. You’ll get this feature once you download Google Fit v2.16 and you’ll need to manually switch

Stadia’s Partner Program Gets Over 4,000 Dev Applications

Stadia is garnering some huge interest from game studios and developers it would seem. According to the service’s technical account manager Sam Corcoran who spoke about Stadia during the Develop:Brighton 2019 conference, more than 4

Google & Other Tech Companies Hit With New Digital Tax In France

France’s Senate has greenlit a digital services tax, despite an earlier warning of retaliation by the U.S., as the country believes that the tax targets American technology companies unfairly. Under the new bill, internet