Android Q’s Vulkan ANGLE Promises Better Mobile Gaming For All

Today’s release of Android Q Beta 1 marks a major milestone for Google as the new experimental operating system comes with support for ANGLE, or an “Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine” running on top of

Google Making Wi-Fi Usage More Secure & Convenient In Android Q

Google is making Wi-Fi usage more versatile, secure, and convenient with Android Q as the first experimental build of the new operating system version debuts a number of changes concerning this connectivity option.

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Google’s Love Of Notches Now Extends To Android Q Screenshots

It seems Google has taken too much of a liking to the notch as screenshots taken on an Android Q-running device now include the notch, as well as rounded corners.

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Android Q Dark Mode Arrives In Beta 1: Buggy & All But Broken

Android Q has finally arrived in its initial testing phases via Beta 1 and one of the biggest expected features, a system-wide dark mode, seems to have arrived in an almost entirely dysfunctional state. Some

Notifications Can Only Be Swiped To The Right In Android Q

In Android Q, Beta 1 it appears that Google has made some changes to how we are able to swipe away notifications. It used to be that when swiping from the right to left, or

Google Finally Taking After Third-Party Share Menus In Android Q

Google is revamping the technological backend of Android’s share menus as part of its newly announced jump to this year’s version of its mobile operating system.

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Here’s How To Enroll In Google’s Android Q Beta Program

While initial predictions on the matter didn’t pan out, it still didn’t take long for Google to debut the first developer preview of Android Q after media reports suggesting the launch is imminent began emerging on

Android Q Timeline Puts Beta 2 Ahead Of Google I/O, Finalization in Q3

Google’s next Android OS update, Android Q, has now officially entered its beta period and revealed its initial timeline for subsequent releases moving through the expected final release of the firmware in Q3 2019. As

Chrome Canary Allows You To Push Tabs To Desktop Via “Self Share”

If you’ve ever used your smartphone’s browser and felt the need to continue browsing that same website on your desktop computer, well, now you can do that, with ease. Chrome Canary now allows you to

Google Rolling Out Instant On-Device Voice Recognition To Pixels

Google Pixel device owners will soon be able to enjoy instant voice transcription using on-device neural networking technology within Gboard. Google and others have been developing a new way of detecting and transcribing speech since