$99 Momentum Meri Smart Thermostat Launches Today

Momentum is living up to their name with the announcement and launch of another smart home product today, the Momentum Meri. This $99 smart thermostat is about half the cost of other smart thermostats on

Video: iRobot Roomba s9 Review – Crazy Good, Crazy Price

No one needs to have the names Roomba or iRobot explained to them. It’s a brand as iconic as it gets for the robot vacuum industry, and while they certainly popularized the concept of robot

iRobot Roomba s9+ Review – The Best Clean Money Can Buy

iRobot spearheaded the robot vacuum market with the Roomba, an iconic brand that’s as widely known as Ziplock or Tupperware are in the kitchen. Along with the name came the shape; a round, hockey puck-like

IKEA Brings FLOALT Smart Lights To The US & Intros New Bulbs

IKEA is launching a handful of new items as part of its TRADFRI line of smart lights, which includes some new bulbs, a new remote that’s included with the TRADFRI Gateway lighting kit, and a

Google Kills the Nest smartwatch app on Wear OS and WatchOS

Google and acquisition company Nest have merged to create a unified brand, but along with this unification comes a consolidation of development projects. To this end, Google has decided to kill the Nest smartwatch app

The Nest Home Hub is Finally Useful Thanks to Home Assistant Cast

The Nest Home Hub, formerly known as the Google Home Hub when we reviewed it last Fall, is a popular smart home gadget that doesn’t seem to serve much of a purpose. Sure, it’s the

LifeShield HD Video Doorbell Completes the DIY Security Suite

While there’s quite a few other video doorbells on the market, ADT’s LifeShield is hoping you’ll choose their latest product because of its deep integration with the rest of Lifeshield’s do-it-yourself security solutions. The new

Vivecraft Now Lets You Play Minecraft VR on the Valve Index, Too

Minecraft has grown from a tiny indie project to a cultural phenomenon, bridging the gap between generations by providing a level playing ground for everyone who wants to create worlds together. Its success was spurred

Video: How-To Install the Google Nest Thermostat 3rd Generation

While the Nest Protect and Nest Secure are relatively simple installs, the Thermostat may prove to be a bit more difficult for folks who aren’t accustomed to installing these types of things.

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Video: 3 Common Google Nest Thermostat Problems and How to Fix Them

While the Google Nest Thermostat install can be fairly simple on most systems, there are occasions where something goes wrong. We’re going to cover 3 common problems and how to solve them quickly and easily