IKEA Brings FLOALT Smart Lights To The US & Intros New Bulbs

IKEA is launching a handful of new items as part of its TRADFRI line of smart lights, which includes some new bulbs, a new remote that’s included with the TRADFRI Gateway lighting kit, and a

Google Home Is Becoming Nest Home According To The Google Store

Google looks to be preparing to change the name of its Google Home smart speaker. A Google Store listing for the ‘base for Google Home’ accessory under its discounted “Special Offers” category recently referred to

AT&T & Samsung Unveil 5G Innovation Zone For US Manufacturing

AT&T Business and Samsung said that they would unveil a 5G Innovation Zone in 2019. That promise is now reality, as the 5G Innovation Zone has opened in Austin, Texas.

The 5G Innovation Zone

Nest.com Has Moved To The Google Store

Nest.com, the website for smart thermostat company Nest, has moved to the Google Store.

The change is apparent when visiting Nest.com. Once you go there, the page redirects you to the Google Store

Qualcomm Invests In ARM’s Emerging Competitor

SiFive, the increasingly popular startup that provides processor core IP and silicon solutions based on the open source RISC-V set raised $65.4 million during its latest funding round. The company has managed to receive $125

ecobee’s New SmartThermostat Supports Every Smart Home Platform

ecobee, today, launched a new smart themostat that is simply named “SmartThermostat” (without any spaces). This new $249 smart thermostat supports virtually every smart home platform that is currently available. And that’s a good thing

Update For 2019 LG ThinQ TVs Brings Amazon Alexa Support & More

LG’s lineup of AI-enhanced ThinQ televisions will now be receiving an update that brings support for Amazon’s Alexa-branded AI helper to the devices. Announced today by the company, that means users will have another option

Google’s Updates To ‘Works With Nest’ Are About Simplicity

Google’s efforts for transitioning the ‘Works with Nest’ accounts to the Google Assistant platform are all about simplicity, and not just for the users of products that connect to these accounts but also for the

Lockly Secure Pro Smart Deadbolt Edition Review – Feature Heavy Security

This smart home competitor is loaded with features
In the highly competitive world of smart door locks and home securing solutions, Lockly may not be the first brand that springs to mind. The market for

Some People Really Do Welcome Their Robot Overlords – Study

People tend to trust machines more than people and that could become a problem amid the accelerated rise of AI systems, based on a recent study published by Penn State researchers and supported by the