MagnaChip Wants To Revolutionize Your Future Smartphone Display

MagnaChip Semiconductor Corporation has announced its intention to actively seek out partnerships in the OLED display industry via an initiative aimed at spreading and reducing the cost of next-gen devices featuring touch, stylus, and fingerprint

Foxconn’s Scales Down Android Arm To Focus On Automotive Electronics

Foxconn is reportedly restructuring its Android business and has placed a greater focus on the automotive segment instead. Specifically, unnamed sources cited by Nikkei Asian Review claim that FIH Mobile began reallocating employees and resources

Self-Driving Cars May Be Easier To Hack In The 5G Era: Expert

The fifth generation of mobile networks is likely to make self-driving vehicles more vulnerable than they currently are, according to Martin Hron, a Senior Researcher at cybersecurity giant Avast. In an interview with Android Headlines, Mr. Hron acknowledged

Amazon Outs AWS DeepRacer Mini Self-Driving Car for $249

Amazon has created a 1/8 scale self-driving race car powered by an Intel Atom processor and deep learning software, called DeepRacer, and the company wants you to buy one and learn how to program it

Samsung Says 5G Release 16 Standards Coming By The End Of 2019

Samsung executive Sungho Choi took to the stage at 5G Vertical Summit 2018 to reveal that the next iteration of 5G should be finished and submitted to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) by December of

Waymo Gets New California Permit To Test Driverless Cars Without Drivers

Waymo has now been granted permission by the California DMV to begin completely driver-free testing of its autonomous vehicles on public roads in California. For the time being, a “fleet” of around 36 vehicles is

Waymo Now Testing Price Models For Autonomous Vehicle Rides

Waymo’s operations in Arizona have been expanded again to include “test pricing models” in Phoenix, according to recently reported statements made by Alphabet finance chief Ruth Porat during the company’s latest earnings call. That means that

SoftBank Partners With Toyota To Create Self-Driving Car Services

In short: SoftBank and Toyota announced today that the two firms will be working together on self-driving car services. This continues the trend of having tech companies partnering up with traditional auto makers to work on self-driving vehicles. Waymo is working with Fiat Chrysler, Uber with Ford, etc. This partnership is also a pretty big […]

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Mantis Shrimp-Inspired Camera Could Improve Autonomous Cars

In short: Researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and Washington University in St. Louis have now developed a new camera that could improve the dynamic range over those found in current self-driving vehicles by as much as 10,000 times. The design is actually inspired by one of nature’s most complex eyes, found in mantis shrimp […]

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Huawei & Audi Agree To Jointly Make Self-Driving Cars A Reality

In short: Huawei and Audi announced a joint effort aimed at making Level-4 autonomous driving solutions a reality. The Thursday announcement made at Huawei Connect 2018 in Shanghai saw the duo unveil an Audi Q7 prototype equipped with Huawei’s Mobile Data Center, an all-in-one solution allowing for versatile connectivity. While not many details on the initiative […]

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