History Of The LG V Series

The LG V series of phones came to life back in 2015, the same year the company’s LG G4 flagship was announced. The LG G4 was announced in April 2015, while the LG V10, the

History Of The Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung’s Galaxy Note flagship series came to life back in October 2011 when the Galaxy Note was announced. The Galaxy Note was quite large back in the day, and it started the company’s flagship series

History Of OnePlus’ Flagship Smartphones

OnePlus is a relatively young company compared to a number of other mobile tech giants in the market, but this China-based company managed to rise extremely fast thanks to releasing extremely compelling flagship-grade smartphones at

History Of The Xiaomi Mi Flagship Series

The story of Xiaomi flagship Android smartphones started way back in 2011, when the company announced the Xiaomi Mi 1. Over the years, Xiaomi had introduced quite a few devices, but we’re here to focus

Failing Social Media: The Many Sins Of Google+

Google+ shut down today, following a run of a little over seven years. Google+ was supposed to be the search engine’s big social media platform, but things didn’t work out. For a company as big

How To Take A Screenshot On NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Oreo

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is the most robust Android TV solution on the market. It is not only a powerful device, but also one that’s rich on features and sometimes knowing how to access even

OnePlus 7 Preview: An Android Phablet Both New And Familiar

Editor’s note: This article will be regularly updated with new information on the OnePlus 7 — both official teasers and credible leaks, rumors, and insider claims — as it becomes available in the run-up to the release

History Of The Sony Xperia Flagships

Sony has been in the smartphone game from the very beginning, pretty much, and the company had revealed quite a few flagship smartphones to date. Sony has been releasing several flagships per year, and is

History Of The Huawei P Series

Huawei had released quite a few smartphones as part of its flagship “P series”, though that lineup changed quite a bit over the years, even the name of it changed at one point. The story

From Cancer To Death Sentences: The Curious Case Of Huawei’s Mysterious CFO

Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou wasn’t a particularly well-known name in the West — especially outside of tech circles — until only several months back. After being detained at a Canadian airport on her way to