Opinion: Social Media Is The Enabler None Of Us Need

Social media has the potential to do many great things. However, as Uncle Ben in Spider-Man once said, with great powers comes great responsibility, and it would seem social media is currently not doing enough

Foldable Smartphones In 2019 Will Not Be Worth Your Hard-Earned Money

As many of you are probably aware, we’re about to see quite a few foldable smartphones released in 2019, and even though only Royole’s offering launched up until now, I do believe that you will

Display Holes Are Just As Bad As Notches, If Not Worse

Display notches ruled supreme in 2018, as far as smartphones are concerned, of course. It’s hard to deny this, as we’ve seen a ton of notched smartphones in 2018, as pretty much every smartphone manufacturers

Getting Started With Amazon Alexa: Setting Up & First Things To Do

Amazon’s Alexa is one of the most popular digital voice assistants, and it can do a ton of things to help you throughout the day. Whether that is creating a shopping list, giving you the

Get Ready For SuperBowl LIII By Downloading These Android Apps

Super Bowl LIII aka 53 is right around the corner, the game will be played on a Sunday, February 3, and this time around we’ll be watching Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots. Needless

Don’t Expect A Pixel Watch From Google’s Fossil Purchase

Last week, the Fossil Group announced that it was selling some intellectual property and employees to Google for roughly $40 million. This, as expected, got a lot of people excited about the possibility of Google

Netflix Pricing Explained: What’s The Best Plan? Should You Upgrade or Downgrade?

It seems like everyone has a Netflix subscription these days and so the chances are good that if you’re reading this, you already are a Netflix customer.

That doesn’t mean this is not an article

Galaxy S10 Preview: Samsung Wants Its Android Crown Back

Last year has been rather poor by Samsung’s standards, with the company missing out on revenue and profit targets, partially due to a decline in smartphone sales. The Galaxy S9 and Note 9 lineups didn’t

5G, Hype & Vaporware: Why CES 2019 Was Boring

CES 2019 is pretty much over now, with all of the major announcements having taken place already, and the show floor is now open to the public. The world’s largest tech show brings a lot

5G, Pervasive AI & More: Top Five Tech Takeaways From CES 2019

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show may have only started yesterday but the following several days of the happening are mostly reserved for the general public, whereas members of the media already saw the vast majority