Netflix Pricing Explained: What’s The Best Plan? Should You Upgrade or Downgrade?

It seems like everyone has a Netflix subscription these days and so the chances are good that if you’re reading this, you already are a Netflix customer.

That doesn’t mean this is not an article

Smartphone Fingerprint Sensors Now Barely Worth Anything: Report

Fingerprint sensor manufacturers are starting to look more closely at opportunities outside of the smartphone industry because of low returns from the segment that’s being caused by rising demand, as suggested by a newly emerged report

Samsung Patents 3D Display With Image Recognition, 3D User Interface

Samsung recently filed for a new patent application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for 3D displays that users may connect to smartphones and tablets. These displays can exist in the form

Netflix Confirms Q4 2018 Results, Says HBO & Hulu Are Not Competition

Netflix has now provided insight into how it performed during Q4 2018 as well as last year as a whole, while at the same time taking a moment to point out how competing services like

Getting Started With Hulu: Devices, Plans & Pricing Explained

Everything you need to know before signing up to Hulu
There’s plenty of streaming options now available so which one you opt for will mostly come down to personal preference on content or price although

Here’s Leaked Proof Android Q Comes With A System-Wide Dark Mode

Android Q will arrive with the option to activate a system-wide dark mode.

At least, that’s the clear indications now following a leaked version of Android Q showcased by XDA-Developers. The upcoming version of Android was

Many Netflix Subscribers Unhappy With Price Increase, According To Survey

A recent survey shows 27-percent of US Netflix subscribers indicated they might cancel their Netflix subscription due to the new price increases.

Earlier in the week Netflix announced it was increasing the price of all

T-Mobile Confirms Netflix On Us Won’t See Price Increase, But It Might Soon

T-Mobile has now confirmed the latest Netflix price hike won’t affect customers who subscribe to the video streaming service through the carrier’s “Netflix On Us” promotion.

The confirmation came from T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere on

Roku Makes It Easier To Share Your Streaming Device With Others

Roku wants to make sure the act of signing in and out of its devices is as easy as possible and the latest measure to help with this goal is Auto Sign Out Mode. Which

Netflix Now Costs More Than Ever Before, All US Plan Prices Increased

Netflix users will now start to pay more than they ever have before for monthly access to the streaming service as the company is now in the process of increasing the prices of its varying