Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO Stalks Its Way Onto The Play Store

As of April 11, Gameloft’s action MMORPG Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO has now found its way to the Google Play Store. The game, as both the title and the description are likely to imply, drops players into an open world after a zombie-related apocalypse. That means they’ll need to fend off the hordes and other players, building up shelters, raiding, and more along the way. As can probably also be guessed from the title, rivalries and alliances can be formed, adding a layer of depth to in-game interactions. There are even some co-op missions to complete.

With that said, there’s a lot of unexpected things that Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO does, too. For starters, Zombies are not just enemies. The large range of maps and areas to explore are filled with the undead, but players can also research, upgrade, and send out a customizable zombie army of their own to raid fellow players for their loot. At the same time, this is an RPG. That means choosing from one of 3 player classes and customizing. The personalization extends into researching, crafting, improvements for equipment, and a multiplicity of skill trees to choose abilities from. There are main stories and side-quests to follow in each region – which are controlled by various warring Factions. There are things that set this apart from other games on the technical front, as well. For example, players can choose which point of view is best suited to themselves instead of being stuck solely in a third-person or first-person perspective. Scaled-up world-boss fights are available, as are multi-team Player-v-Player shooter battles. Control schemes are dynamic.

Of course, Dead Rivals – Zombie MMO is free-to-play but this wouldn’t be much of an MMO without some in-app purchases. Those range from just short of $1 and up to $100, so it’s probably a good thing that the title isn’t intended for the younger players who might accidentally buy things. In fact, it’s rated Mature for Violence, Blood, and Language – as is probably expected from this type of game and themes. Those in-app purchases don’t look like they’ll break the fun of this title, too much, however. The only other requirement listed on the Play Store is an Android handset or tablet running Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer. So anybody interested should head over to the Google Play button below to check it out.

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