Deal: Eufy Genie Smart Speaker With Alexa For $34.99 – 01/10/2018

Smart speakers are seemingly going to be all the rage this year as are the inclusion of digital assistants into more and more products, though there are are already a number of devices and speakers that are already available which have these assistants built-in, like the Eufy Genie smart speaker, which comes powered by Amazon’s Alexa software so it’s capable of quite a few different things.

For starters, it has access to tons and tons of different Alexa skills which makes it capable of controlling various smart home products like smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, smart light switches, and more. Need to adjust the temperature or dim the lights? The Eufy Genie can help you do it. Alexa is also capable of answering questions so if you need to ask something you don’t know the answer to then you can simply refer to the Eufy Genie for assistance. It can also be used or re-ordering items via Amazon, which is one of the Alexa skills. Although this is a voice-controlled speaker there are still physical buttons on top of the Eufy Genie for interaction that allow you to mute the mic as well as adjust the volume up and down if you need to.

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