Download Official Huawei Mate X2 Wallpapers Here

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The Huawei Mate X2 got announced yesterday, and the official wallpapers from the device are now available to download. These wallpapers come from ytechb, who managed to get their hands on them.

Nine official Huawei Mate X2 wallpapers are available to download

There are nine wallpapers at your disposal here. Some of them are nature-themed, as they show flowers and landscape, while others are kind of abstract. Well, even some of those nature ones are semi-abstract.

If you take a look at the gallery below this article, you’ll get a better idea as to what to expect. Do note that the wallpapers in the gallery are not in full resolution. They’re there just so you can preview them, and decide whether you’re interested.

If any of these wallpapers peak your attention, you can get them in full resolution. Simply click the button / link below the article, and you’ll be able to access them via Google Drive. You don’t even need to download all of them, if you don’t want to.

Having said that, these wallpapers are made for Huawei’s next-gen foldable, the Mate X2. The device got announced yesterday, and its design is inspired by the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 2, at least by the looks of it.

The device comes with a considerably different design than its predecessors

The Huawei Mate X2 opens like a book, and it has a secondary display on the outside. That is a considerably different design than what its predecessors brought to the table. The Huawei Mate X and Xs were outwards-folding phones, with a single display.

The Huawei Mate X2 also brings an improved hinge to the table, and it’s even thinner than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The device got announced in China only, for now, but a global variant is likely on the way.

The phone is fueled by the Kirin 9000 SoC, Huawei’s most powerful processor. It supports 55W fast wired charging, while wireless charging is not included. The phone includes six cameras overall, and Leica’s lenses are included.

Download Huawei Mate X2 wallpapers (Google Drive)

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