Facebook Lite Application Gets Community Help Support

Facebook Lite has received Community Help support, it seems. Facebook seems to be trying to make Facebook Lite more useful to consumers, other than being just a social platform. Facebook’s Criss Response Product Manager, Jeong-Suh Choi, said that the company’s priority is to “build tools that will provide people with ways to get help they need to recover and rebuild after a crisis”.

Some of you are probably familiar with the Community Help app which launched last February, well, some of its tools are making way to Facebook Lite app as we speak. Community Help is expected to provide Facebook users a ton of information in order to help them find food, shelter, and even transportation, just in case some sort of a disaster arises, like a hurricane or something of the sort. Safety Check will automatically activate if you’re in an affected location, and that includes locations for natural disasters, building fires, and a number of others. Facebook Lite is a lighter version of Facebook, so having such features on it makes sense, as it can be used in locations where you may have a spotty Internet connection, not to mention that a wide range of smartphones can use this app without a problem, as it’s not as demanding / heavy as the regular Facebook app.

Facebook Lite was introduced way back in 2015, but it took some time for Facebook to make it available globally. Facebook Lite was first available only on lower-end devices in some regions, but a while back, Facebook decided to open up this app to pretty much everyone all over the world, so that even if you don’t like the company’s main app, you can use the Lite version without a problem. That being said, it seems like Community Help tools are rolling out to Facebook Lite as we speak, though we’re not sure if you’ll get them via an update, or is it a server-side change of sorts, as Facebook did not release an official press release regarding the matter. Whatever the case may be, such features are still not available for us (at the time of writing this article).

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