Facebook Messenger’s Controversial UI Redesign Is Rolling Out, Again

Facebook’s new Messenger redesign is finally here, and people don’t seem to like it, which is nothing new, actually. Facebook first announced this redesign in the first half of 2018, and that update was supposed to come a while back, but that did not happen. Then, a couple of weeks back, a seemingly global rollout of this new design commenced for Android phones, but was quickly reverted, only a couple of hours later. That seems to have happened to all users, and people were wondering what happened. Well, it seems like someone had flipped the switch ahead of time, while Facebook still had some bugs to sort out, and the final product is now finally here, dubbed Messenger 4. First and foremost, this is a server-side update, so you don’t need to actually updated your Messenger application in order to get the new design. All I had to do is kill the Messenger app in multitasking, and the design appeared on its own. For those of you wondering if the promised dark mode is included in this update, the answer is… no. We’ll talk a bit more about the dark mode a bit later, though.

Now, the moment you lay your eyes on this new design, you will notice that it’s incredibly white, that’s because Facebook removed the blue-colored top bar, and opted to go a different route here. Google actually started removing colors from its apps with Android 9 Pie as well, but this new Messenger design does not really go along with Google’s new Material Design guidelines, at all, and you’ll either like or hate that. Now, you will notice that the bottom bar is much lighter now, in terms of icons, it has only three icons down there, while the top bar has your profile picture (which you need to click for app settings), and on the right there are camera and new conversation icons. Right below the top bar you will notice an app-wide search, then goes Facebook’s “Stories” options and Stories from your contacts, and your conversations list is in the middle. On the bottom, you will find three icons, as already mentioned, from left to right: conversations, contacts, and the so-called “Discover” menu for more features. Every part of the application has been redesigned, and it looks different than before, though truth be said, the app does seem to be more fluid now, while animations have been improved as well. The functionality is pretty much the same it was before, though some added options are now a bit more difficult to find, as people don’t seem to use them all that much.

Is Dark Mode Coming?

Yes, it is coming, but we do not know when exactly. People have been flipping out on social media because of this new design, as many of them don’t seem to like it all that much, though most of them seem to have a problem with the app’s color scheme, as it seems to be too white / bright for them. Well, the upcoming dark mode will amend that problem, if that’s your biggest gripe with the app’s design, and it will hopefully arrive soon. A report surfaced quite recently, claiming that Facebook is intensively testing the dark mode for Messenger, and that some users already received the update as part of that test. In order to confirm that theory, screenshots of the app with the dark mode enabled have surfaced, confirming that the update is coming soon. The dark mode will, as it does with every other app, replace all that white color with a black color, while it will also use shade of gray in the design. Some text will still be white, of course, but the app in general will be much more acceptable if you don’t like overly white / bright designs, that’s for sure. Facebook did not really announce when will this Messenger update land exactly, it just released it, so the same will probably happen with the dark mode as well. We don’t even know if the dark mode will come as an actual update to the app, or yet another server-side change, as it’s basically all about changing the theme of the app, so it could end up being another server-side change on Facebook’s part. In any case, you can expect it to land in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

from: https://www.androidheadlines.com/2019/01/facebook-messenger-v4-redesign.html