FIFA Mobile’s New Season Brings Head To Head & More

EA has officially announced the new season of FIFA on mobile devices, and it not only brings with it new content and roster updates, but also a number of new features and improvements. For starters, the game runs on a fully revamped engine. In addition, the vaunted football game's mobile iteration now includes the beloved Chemistry team-building perk system encountered in the console version. While head to head PvP is now on board, and you can even play against an AI trainer to improve your skills before facing down live players. Speaking of AI, EA says that the in-game AI has been improved all around, which means tougher and more realistic opponents in all match modes. There are also changes to online league modes, new 90-second matches, and seasonal rewards for skilled players. Background: The Chemistry system is perhaps one of the more impacting changes in this season jump and what it boils down to is that players get team bonuses in certain areas for putting together teams that consist of players from the same region, league, or real-life team, among other factors. The synergy bonuses will be a big boost in the redone League mode, where you'll find improved matchmaking and the ability to band together with other players to compete for top honors and in-game prizes. Those looking to play more directly with others can now arrange head to head matches, although it should be noted that this mode requires a somewhat beefy device, a good connection, and takes place in a mostly standard 11 vs 11 match. Moving on to the single-player side of things, there are a couple of new match modes. One is a 90-second blitz that sees you struggling to score in only 90 short seconds, while the other drops you in on the offensive, challenging you to maximize your scoring. Impact: This new season of FIFA on mobile devices revamps the game from the ground up, including the engine. You can't reasonably expect a refresh of this caliber to be without issues from the outset, so even though there's been a beta test already, players shouldn't be too shocked if some problems crop up here and there. Thankfully, this game being on the Play Store means that EA can tweak, fix and add to the game at its leisure, ensuring that it can cater to fans in a timely manner. The AI is better, gameplay is smoother, and online modes are more robust. Along with rewards and a new season of tournaments starting up, this is the best time yet to jump into FIFA on Android if you don't already play it. The new modes and AI contribute to a cohesive experience that works just as well for beginners as it does for seasoned pros, making it easy to get in at the ground level, build a team, build up your skill level, and begin competing for prizes and glory in league matches and tournaments. The updated version is now available to download from the Google Play Store.