Fitbit App Causing Unusual Battery & Data Drain For Some Users

It seems a number of Fitbit device owners have been experiencing an issue which has led to increased levels of battery drain and data usage through the Fitbit app. What’s more, the issue only seems to be affecting the Android app. According to reports, the issue has been present for a few days/weeks and Fitbit had already sent out one app update which looked to rectify the issue. The changelog for the most recent update confirmed the issue, as well as the fact the company is working on a fix, stating this update “applies a temporary fix to the battery and data usage issues. A more comprehensive fix will follow.”

However, and while it was made clear the previous update is only a temporary measure, reports coming through suggest it hasn’t fixed the issue at all. Speaking of the “more comprehensive fix,” in a statement to Wareable, Fitbit once more confirmed the existence of the issue, as well as stating another update was scheduled to begin rolling out to devices today – July 11, 2018. At present, while the Google Play Store listing for the Fitbit app reflects the first ‘temporary fix’ update (July 9), it currently does not make any reference to the newer July 11 update. So it remains unclear as to whether the fix has officially begun rolling out to devices yet.

It also currently remains unclear what is actually causing the unintended battery and data drain in the first place. Of the two issues, it would seem the data drain is the more concerning one, as not only does it obviously impact on data allowances and caps, but there seems to be no obvious way to avoid the additional data usage from stacking up. For example, it’s being reported that even when a user turns data off, or cuts the sync connection between the device and phone, data continues to be consumed regardless. For those who are experiencing either of the noted issues, the July 9 update is listed as version 2.74.1 and if this is the version showing in the app, then you should expect a new update to arrive very soon.

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