Garfield GO Is An AR Game For Garfield Fans With Real Prizes

If you’re a fan of augmented reality (AR) games on mobile, such as Pokemon GO or Ingress, there’s a brand new game in the Google Play Store that might be right up your alley. It’s called Garfield GO – AR Treasure Hunt and, as the name probably gives away, it features everybody’s favorite comic-based fat cat, Garfield, and is pretty obviously based on the popular Pokemon title mentioned above. That said, there are definitely one or two things that set Garfield GO apart.

In Garfield GO, players interact with the real world to help gather Garfield’s “scattered” comic collection and find buried treasure. We all know Garfield abhors any kind of exercise though, so players will need to bake his favorite foods and throw lasagna at him – exactly like flinging Pokeballs – to get him to help out with finding that treasure. Where this game differs from other similar games, however, is in the prizes players can win by playing. It will, of course, feature Garfield-based virtual prizes like some digital versions of rare Garfield comics. There are also achievements and trinkets to collect, and trinkets can be traded for rewards. Furthermore, some of those rewards include real world prizes like Amazon gift cards. There’s even a competitive aspect to the real-world rewards. Puzzle pieces are hidden throughout the real world, in specific treasure chests, and players are tasked with completing those puzzles by finding all of the pieces before anyone else does. The only downside to that is that only users over the age of 18 are eligible for those particular rewards.

While Garfield himself most likely wouldn’t approve of this game – it does after all require a certain level of physical activity – it does look like something that could be quite a bit of fun. It should also scratch that Garfield itch for any fans left out there since it lets users put the pasta-loving feline in the real world and rewards users with some great comics. It may or may not be able to match the popularity of Pokemon GO, and it may be kind of a knock off, but anybody interested in checking it out can hit the Play Store button below.

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