Gmail Android App Now Lets You Disable Conversation View

Google has now confirmed that it’s adding an option to Gmail for Android which lets the user disable ‘Conversation view.’ A move which brings the functionality of the mobile app more in line with the experience had when using Gmail via the web. As web-based users have been able to toggle Conversation view on and off for some time.

Conversation view essentially allows users to better manage busy email inboxes by grouping relevant emails together. So when replies come through they are found under one main email – one conversation. In today’s announcement, Google argues this is designed purely to make emails “easier to digest and follow.” If, however, a user is less keen on having all related emails congregated together, and instead would prefer all emails to arrive and logged as individual emails, then deactivating the Conversation view option will make that happen. A feature which may prove more beneficial for those who often find themselves trawling through multiple replies just to find one. If nothing else, the change gives Gmail users the ability to see through the Android app which delivery style better suits their needs. In addition to announcing the change, Google also states the new option is rolling out immediately and while the expected completion time is up to fifteen days, there is a high likelihood the feature is already live for most users.

To check if the option is available to you, open up the Gmail Android app, click on the menu icon in the top-left corner, scroll down to Settings. From here, click on ‘General Settings’ and under “Manage notifications” a new “Conversation view” tab will be visible. Then it is just a matter of unchecking the box as in spite of the change, Conversation view currently remains the default option. That is, with the exception of those who already have conversations deactivated through the web version as Google states if “Conversation view is turned off on the web, it will be turned off on your mobile app as well.” Google has also confirmed this change is now rolling out to the iOS Gmail app as well.

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