Google Intros Android Oreo (Go edition) For Budget Phones

Google has just announced Android Oreo (Go edition) OS for budget smartphones. As most of you know, Google had introduced ‘Android Go’ project back at Google I/O this year, and as part of that project, the company has just introduced a ‘Go’ version of its latest Android update, Android Oreo. This announcement comes from India, as Android Go is primarily aimed at developing markets where budget smartphones are thriving, such as India.

As part of this announcement, Google has mentioned that there are more Android users in India than in the US, so it’s important for the company to cater to those users, which is why Android Go became a thing. Google mentioned that Android Oreo devices with 512MB to 1GB of RAM will come with all the Go optimizations, in order to make the phone’s run smoother, and make the whole experience better for users. Android Oreo (Go edition) is actually launching as part of the Android 8.1 Oreo launch which will take place soon. Now, as part of the announcement, Google said that Android Oreo (Go edition) experience is made up of three key components, Operating System, Google Apps and the Google Play Store. Google says that Android Oreo (Go edition) comes with all the security update and benefits, while other parts of the OS have been tweaked to cater to lower-end phones. This OS also comes with a new set of Google applications, which are designed especially for less powerful smartphones. The Google Play Store is also tuned for such smartphones in Android Oreo (Go edition), it will still allow you to download whatever app you want, but it will highlight the apps that are designed to work best with your phone.

Google claims that Android Oreo (Go edition)’s speed and reliability on entry-level devices have been enhanced, an average app should run 15 percent faster on devices which are running this OS. Android Oreo (Go edition) and apps that come pre-installed on it will take 50 percent less space than regular Android Oreo, in order to cater to phones which come with less storage, of course. Devices which are running Android Oreo (Go edition) will also come with Google’s data saver features turned on by default, so, for example, Data Saver in Chrome will be turned on and it will save up data while you’re browsing. Now, as already mentioned, a set of apps optimized for entry-level phones will come with Android Oreo (Go edition), including Google Go, Google Assistant Go, YouTube Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard, Google Play, Chrome and the new Files Go app.

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