Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera For $337 – Amazon Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

Nest Cam Indoor Deal

The smart home is quickly becoming the home of today for many people, and in almost any of them you'll find some sort of Wi-Fi security camera hooked up that allows them to more easily keep tabs on things.

The Nest Cam Indoor security camera is one of the more well-known brands, and right now for Amazon's Cyber Monday deals you can pick it up for $337 instead of the regular price of $397. So you're saving about $60.

Security cameras of this type are exactly the thing you want when you're setting up a smart home as they can provide 24/7 video coverage of wherever you point them. The nice thing about the Nest Cam Indoor is that it's connected to your in-home wi-fi network.

Because of this you can easily see and manage different footage and features right from the companion app on your smartphone. This makes it a great resource for when you're away from home.

Should anything happen that's caught by the camera while you're not there, you can receive alerts on your phone and view anything happening, then take the proper next steps.

The cameras have a 130-degree field of view which means they see a lot and don't miss much. Video resolution is 1080p as well so you get high quality footage. And it works both during the day and at night.

This is a three-pack of the Nest Cam Indoor, so you have one for a few different room in the home. Now these aren't battery operated so you do need to plug them in. However that ensures that they will always have power and you won't ever have to replace the batteries.

Setup is also pretty painless so you can get them up and running in very little time. Keep in mind this is a Cyber Monday so the savings will only last through today.

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera - Amazon - $337

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