Google Shares Photos From Its Annual Volunteer Program

Google has shared some photos from its annual volunteer program that it does for an entire month, called GoogleServe. This event happens every year throughout the month of June, and with the month wrapping up that means GoogleServe is about to wrap up as well. To help bring people into the fold who aren’t familiar with the program, Google has highlighted some of the way that it gives back to those in need, whether it be a gardening project or helping with non-profit outreach programs.

This year included helping people find jobs. Specifically, Googlers, including CEO Sundar Pichai, helped those looking for jobs with mock interviews so they could fine tune their approach when going in for a real interview, as well as reviewing their resumes to see if there were any ways they could be improved before sending them or handing them off to the intended. There were even computer science activities at Summer camps where this could all take place.

Outside of the U.S. Google’s other branches helped in other ways. In Berlin, Germany for example, Google staff assisted a local mission with handing out meals to homeless and doing everything from cleaning dishes to restocking food and sorting clothing that had been donated by others. Googlers in India helped with cleaning cauldrons and sorting things like rice and vegetables to help a local non-profit which focuses on feeding hungry children. Google staff in both Toronto, Canada and Lima, Peru helped in their own ways as well. The Toronto staff helped to teach and train people to give them digital skills, in addition to helping find homes for dogs at four local shelters and serving meals to homeless, while the Lima staff took graduates from its Laboratoria grantee, which focuses on helping Women become future leaders, and let the graduates shadow them for the day. GoogleServe has been going strong for eleven years running, and it seems there are no signs of the program slowing down.

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