Google Signs 14-Year Lease For A Gigantic New Campus In West LA

Google has signed a 14-year lease on a giant property in Los Angeles, which will commence upon completion of construction and build-out of tenant improvements in 2022. The company has signed a 14-year lease on a 584,000-square-foot property in West part of Los Angeles, and that property will be utilized as Google’s new campus. For those of you who are not aware, this property was a part of the Westside Pavilion, a shopping mall, in the past, and according to the provided info, it will serve as a creative office campus for Google. All of this info comes from co-owners of the property, Hudson Pacific Properties and Macerich, who also note that Google’s creative campus will be known as One Westside.

The source also notes that the construction is expected to commence later this year, and that upon completion, this property will become a “Class A creative office space”. Gensler, a well-known architecture firm is in charge of the project, and the project will repurpose high ceilings and a multi-level atrium and skylight. In translation, that means that the whole indoor part of the campus will have plenty of light. Up to 150,000-square-foot footplates provide hyper-flexible open layouts, while, on the other hand, 45,000 square feet of expansive exterior terraces and patios will grant Google quite a bit of flexibility, as 15-foot wide folding glass walls create a seamless indoor-outdoor environment. This property also comes with a rooftop amenity space, and a garden deck is included, while a direct bridge offers access to the Landmark Theatre, Westside Tavern restaurant, and in-line retail shops.

Competing With Apple

The timing of this announcement is perfect, as Apple announced, just last month, that it plans to open up new offices in Culver City. That expansion is actually a part of Apple’s nationwide expansion, and a new campus in Austin, Texas will be a part of the whole thing as well. Apple will, actually, add “new sites” in Culver City, San Diego, and Seattle over the course of the next three years, and those sites will employ about 1,000 people, according to the Cupertino giant. The North Austin campus will definitely be the company’s biggest investment, as we’re looking at a $1 billion investment for a 133-acre campus that will alone empty between 5,000 and 15,000 people, far more than all the aforementioned “sites” combined. We will be able to compared this campus to Google’s 584-000-square-feet monstrosity once we get more info from Google, as the details are not known just yet, what we shared is all we know for the time being. In any case, these are great news for the US, as both Google and Apple will open up tons of new workplaces, Apple alone will probably employ over 8,000 people (maybe even well over 8,000) with its new “sites”, while Google’s new, huge campus will also probably employ thousands of more people. Google will probably unveil more detail about its upcoming campus once the construction starts later this year, though we’re only guessing, so we’ll just have to wait and see what will happen.