Grab Skullcandy Headphones For Up To 44-Percent Off – Amazon Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

Skullcandy Headphones Deal

A good pair of headphones is a highly underrated piece of tech, but one that can make a huge difference in the way people experience and appreciate audio from any source. Whether it's music, movies, games, or anything else, good audio brings things to another level.

Sometimes good quality audio costs a lot though. And that stops a lot of people from experiencing it. Luckily Amazon is having a big Cyber Monday sale with a lot of great deals and part of that happens to be discounts on all kinds of headphones from Skullcandy.

If you really want to go all out, then consider the Skullcandy Crusher ANC Personalized Noise Cancelling headphones. These are wireless, so they're battery operated which means no messy wires or being limited to length of the cord when it's plugged into something.

They also have up to 24 hours of battery life with rapid charge so you can charge them up quickly when the battery dies. More importantly they have digital active noise cancellation, so you can focus on what's coming out of the headphones and not what's around you.

These are currently on sale for $280 and are down from $320. If wireless ANC headphones aren't what you're in the market for, perhaps a pair of truly wireless earbuds is more your style. These are still great for providing good audio and they're much more portable than the design of the Crusher.

They're also great for use during exercise thanks to the secure fit and smaller size. Amazon is offering these for $60 down from the regular price of $100.

Or if you do prefer the over-the-ear style like the Crusher but just don't want to spend $280 on a pair of headphones, there's also the Skullcandy Venue wireless, which are also over-the-ear, and have active noise cancelling as well. These are on sale for just $100 instead of $180.

There are a few other pairs too. Like multiple colors of the Ink'd Plus in-ear buds. Keep in mind that these are all Cyber Monday deals, so the deal prices only last through today.

Skullcandy Headphones - Amazon - Up To 44% Off

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