Grab This Anker Bluetooth Speaker For $50 – Amazon Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

Anker Soundcore Boost Deal

Anker isn't just known for power banks and chargers. Though, it is a company which is well-known for those things. It actually makes all kinds of products that relate to tech in some way, shape, or form. Such as this Bluetooth speaker.

The Soundcore Boost 20W Bluetooth speaker is a compact yet powerful little speaker that you can wirelessly stream music to, and right now it's on sale for $50 as part of Amazon's Cyber Monday deals. This is in addition to loads of other great deals that can be picked up throughout the rest of the day.

With the Anker Soundcore Boost what you're getting is big sound in a small package. It delivers pretty good bass and yet it still fits into a backpack pretty easily. It also has easy-to-use controls on the top of it so you can adjust the volume, skip tracks, and power it on and off with the touch of a button.

It even has the Anker BassUp button, which is designed to increase the bass of your audio with one touch. When you want to turn it off, simply hit the button again and the bass goes back to normal.

The best part though is the battery life. Anker built this speaker to last throughout the day so your music (or whatever you're listening to) never has to stop. It lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge for non-stop playback. If you need more time than 10 hours of playback, the speaker can be charged back up pretty quickly.

It also comes with the ability to charge other devices up if you plug them into the speaker, and those devices will then draw power from the speaker's reserves. Keep in mind that this will drain the battery on the speaker faster than normal.

Anker designed it to be water-resistant as well, which means if you accidentally spill water on it, it should be fine. Since this is a Cyber Monday deal, the deal price is only good through today.

Anker Soundcore Boost Bluetooth Speaker - Amazon - $50

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