HTC Brings VR To Libraries With ‘Vive Libraries’ Program

HTC is bringing VR to libraries with its ‘Vive Libraries’ program, a new initiative which it just unveiled to help get VR into the hands of more people. To start the Vive team is working with libraries in California and Nevada only, HTC is looking to expand the program elsewhere. Vive reportedly donated 100 headsets to libraries across California alone and in total there will be 110 libraries throughout California and Nevada that are working with the Vive team as part of this new program.

Use of the VR headsets will be free at the local libraries who are part of the program, which is the entire goal – making VR more accessible to everyone, including those who may not be able to afford a VR headset of their own or have VR arcades available in their area. Vive Libraries will also offer up a wide range of different content to users to experience including Amazon Odyssey, Everest VR, Jam Studio VR, Beyond Tokyo, Oceans of Wonder, Rad Robots and many more apps and game experiences. Content was also specially curated by the Vive team and it’s powered by Viveport.

Many of the pieces of content look to be focused on exploration and creativity and aren’t just games, so the experiences appear to be somewhat educational in addition to being fun. There’s no talk of expanding the list of available content but given the list is already fairly long users will have plenty to keep them busy during use. Though Vive Libraries is only available in two states at the moment, the plan is to expand the program to other states and countries in the future. That said there’s no mention of when other communities and locations will get the program at their own local libraries, so those interested will simply have to keep an eye out for the program to come to where they live.

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