Huawei Teases ‘Real Upgrade’ Following Galaxy Note 9 Launch

In what can only be assumed to be aimed at Samsung and its new Galaxy Note 9, Huawei tweeted a comment highlighting how the P20 Pro represents an actual upgrade. While the tweet does not specifically reference Samsung or the Galaxy Note 9, it did arrive only a short while after Samsung had officially unveiled its latest smartphone. Something that seems highly unlikely to be just a coincidence.

While the Galaxy Note 9 was just announced, it had leaked significantly over the last few months, and as a result much of the design points and cues were already known. Information which had led many to assume the Galaxy Note 9 is not much of an upgrade in terms of design, due to the Galaxy Note 9 sporting an almost identical body and style to the Galaxy Note 8. Which is what Huawei seems to be poking fun at here, as the tweet showcases two Huawei phones side-by-side, along with the statement “this is called a real generation upgrade.” The statement refers to the fact the P20 Pro comes equipped with three rear cameras, outdoing all the dual camera alternatives currently on the market, including the Galaxy Note 9 which features two camera – just like the Galaxy Note 8 did. Although from the Note line’s perspective the Note 8 was the ‘real upgrade’ as it was the first Samsung phone to come to market equipped with a dual rear camera setup.

Samsung angle aside, and the tweet not only seems designed to showcase what the P20 Pro offers, but also what Huawei has up its sleeves next. As the message also reads “imagine what will come next…” This is relevant as the company is largely expected to announce its new high end options soon enough, the Mate 20 and the Mate 20 Pro. Likewise, there has already been teases from Huawei that the Mate 20 Pro will come with some notable improvements including a greater battery capacity than its predecessor, with the previous teaser suggestion a battery capacity in excess of 4,000 mAh. While that in itself is an upgrade, this latest tweet would seem to suggest Huawei has even more surprises in store with the Mate 20 and/or the Mate 20 Pro. For reference, the Mate 20 line is expected to be announced at some point in October.

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