Make Your Google Home Portable With Ninety7 Battery Base For $40

The Google Home is a pretty impressive smart speaker, it offers up some great sounding audio and of course has the Google Assistant included. But one of the main downsides of the Google Home is that it’s not portable and needs to be plugged in at all times. This is due to the fact that the Google Home is always listening for the “OK Google” or “Hey Google” trigger phrase. But, with the Ninety7 Battery Base, you can turn that Google Home into a portable Google Home, and the good thing is it only costs $40.

Ninety7 isn’t a stranger to building battery bases for smart speakers, it has one available for the Amazon Echo Dot, that has been very popular. This model for the Google Home is available in three colors: Snow/White, Copper/Bronze, and Carbon/Black. This is so that it fits in nicely with the Google Home, and looks like it was made with the battery base built-in. The good thing with the Ninety7 Battery Base for the Google Home, is that it uses the Google Home charger to charge up the base and provide power to the Google Home. So you don’t need to use another cable for the battery base. There are also four LED lights and a power button on the front, so you can switch to the battery and also see how much juice is left. Speaking of juice, Ninety7 says that the Battery base should last you around 8 hours. That is pretty good seeing as it is always listening for those trigger phrases.

This is a good alternative to picking up a new speaker that has the Google Assistant built-in and is portable. In fact, right now, the only Google Assistant-enabled speaker that is portable is the JBL LINK 10 and 20 speakers. Which start at $149, and with this battery base coming in at just $40, it’s much cheaper than buying another speaker. The Ninety7 Battery Base is available over on Amazon, and it is available for Amazon Prime shipping, so if you need it right away, you can get it shipped to your home in two days or less.

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