Motorola Brazil Sends Out Invites For June 21st Launch Event

Motorola’s Brazil arm is sending out invitations for the launch of a mysterious new smartphone, set to happen on June 21. The device in question was not explicitly revealed, but a photo included with the invites depicts a woman holding a Moto smartphone. The phone in the picture may or may not be the one launching on June 21, but either way, it’s somewhat difficult to make out what phone it is. It’s a metal device which bears Moto’s recent unified design. It’s gold in color, sports a big round camera hump, seems to be a bit small, and is a bit on the chunky side. The thickness takes the ultra-thin Moto Z2 out of the running, but that doesn’t narrow down the field terribly.

The Moto Z2 Play and Moto C are already available in Brazil, which takes those out of the equation. With the phone looking somewhat smallish in the photo, the 5.2-inch Moto X4 is a possibility. Since the Moto G5S has been already released in Brazil, the Moto E4 is another possibility. The lighting of the shot makes it a bit difficult to see if the two-tone back featured on some Moto devices is present, and the model’s hand covers the spot where one would see a Moto Mod slot in a Moto Z series device. This means that the Moto Z2 Force is another possibility, since leaks thus far have shown it as being thicker than the regular variant and having a gold color version.

Speculation based on the photograph included with the invite does have one fundamental flaw; it’s quite¬†possible that Moto will show off a different device entirely from whatever phone it is that’s featured in the picture. It wouldn’t be the first time in recent history that Moto’s gotten its fanbase hyped up for a new device and then delivered something entirely different, as disappointed RAZR fans will tell you; it put out a teaser around this time last year that hinted at a resurrection of the iconic phone, but wound up playing off the sentiment of revolutionizing the mobile field instead, and announced the original Moto Z.

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