OCF-Certified LG & Samsung Devices To Soon Be Interoperable

Samsung and LG‘s various appliances and other devices including smartphones will soon be fully compatible and even interoperable, thanks to the two firms’ membership in the Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). Certified devices will be able to cooperate and even control one another, where possible. A Samsung phone could be used to control an LG TV, for example, under the OCF’s certification standards. This interoperability will extend to all certified devices, meaning that a Samsung or LG smart appliance could be controlled by an Internet of Things hub or smartphone from any one of the foundation’s roughly 300 members. The member list includes a number of big names in the tech and mobile spaces, such as Intel, Qualcomm, and Microsoft.

Samsung, for its part, has certified its Galaxy S8 flagship family with the OCF, meaning that it should be easy for any other device from an OCF member or partner to operate alongside the Galaxy S8. It can act as an IoT controller for member IoT devices, among other functions, thanks to its compliance with OCF standards. LG’s G6 flagship, on the other hand, was not explicitly announced as being OCF-certified, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not. The two firms have put out fairly few products under OCF standards as of now and will instead start revealing compatible home appliances first, some industry watchers claim.

The OCF was put together to help stop the standards war causing mass fragmentation in the IoT space, and attracted big names from a number of industries. With many of its members being bitter rivals, LG and Samsung being prime examples, it will be interesting to see just how far the OCF’s certification standards force these companies to go in making sure that their products are easily interoperable. Many members of the OCF, with Samsung and LG again serving as the prime examples, are also in the business of trying to sell entire ecosystems to consumers, meaning that joining the OCF and certifying their devices opens them up to the possibility of consumers integrating a single device or a few devices from their portfolios into home ecosystems consisting of products from other manufacturers.

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