PC Parts & Networking Products For Up To 30-Percent Off – Amazon Cyber Monday 2019 Deals

PC Parts Deal

Looking to build a PC and/or upgrade part of your home network? As part of Cyber Monday right now Amazon has a bunch of great deals on numerous PC parts for building a computer and a handful of different networking products.

Whether you need a new monitor, some fans, or a brand-new modem or router, you may be able to find just what you're looking for with these deals.

In fact Netgear even has cable modem and router combo device that's part of the Nighthawk line which supports up to 400Mbps download speeds. And Amazon is offering it for 32-percent off. With that discount the price has come down from $280 to $190.

Because it's a combination device you also don't need a modem and a router because this is an all-in-one, so you save a little bit of space wherever you set this up.

You can also find just routers on sale like the Linksys EA7300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi router for just $70, down from the regular price of $100.

The Google Nest Wifi mesh router system is on sale too. The two-pack is $259 instead of $299. With Google Wifi you essentially get whole home coverage and have less of a chance of encountering network issues or dead spots in the home.

One thing you may want to consider if you're building a PC are the power supplies and the hard drives. There are two power supply units on sale right now from Thermaltake. A 650W 80+ Bronze and a 750W 80+ Bronze. The 650W is on sale for $$45 and the 750W is on sale for $55.

If you're in need of a monitor, there's a curved, frameless gaming monitor on sale from AOC. This is a 227-inch gaming monitor that comes with QHD resolution and it has a 144Hz refresh rate. Through the end of Cyber Monday Amazon is offering it for just $212.49 when it's normally $250.

There's quite a bit more in the PC parts department that is on sale for Cyber Monday, but keep in mind that the deal prices only last through today.

PC Parts & Networking Products - Amazon - Up To 30% Off

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