RelayCars Application Lets You Check Out Cars & Trucks In VR

RelayCars is an app that has been available in the Google Play Store for a while now, and the company has now updated its application with a set of improvements. RelayCars app was rather interesting to being with, as it offers you a chance to check out cars in VR, before you go to the car dealership and check them out in real life. Well, a new update that landed or the app actually offers updated visuals, various optimizations, and the company claims that custom showrooms will provide “the most immersive and accurate experience available”, in case you’re looking to get a detailed look at your new car in VR.

The company says that its application includes almost every car and truck on the market since 2015, so you can imagine how large that collection is. The new update that arrived for the app also includes new perspective controls, so that you can get an even more detailed look at cars, while asset optimizations have been applied as well in order to reduce download times. A ‘featured vehicles’ section has been added and it will be constantly updated in order to highlight a curated collection of cars for your convenience. That is more or less it as far as this update is concerned, but RelayCars also said that latest automotive studies show that 62-percent of purchases would rather research cars online that speak to a salesperson, and 75-percent of shoppers go through up to four phases of research online before actually going to a dealership.

The ability to check out cars in VR before heading to the dealership is rather interesting, and if you check out the gallery down below, you will be able to see what the app looks like, while you’ll also be able to see an image of some cars in there as well. RelayCars app is free in the Google Play Store, and it currently holds a 5-star rating after 14 reviews, so if you’re like to try it out, follow the link down below.

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