Roku Makes It Easier To Share Your Streaming Device With Others

Roku wants to make sure the act of signing in and out of its devices is as easy as possible and the latest measure to help with this goal is Auto Sign Out Mode. Which, as the name suggests, lets you sign out of a device without the user having to manually sign out.

Essentially, the new feature lets users determine a date at which the system will automatically sign the user out when signing in. At which point the user can forget about the fact they are signed into a foreign device with the system taking care of ending the account association when the times comes.

Auto Sign Out Mode is already said to be en route to devices and is arriving by way of an OTA update. The feature will firstly arrive on Roku Players before heading to TV sets powered by Roku OS. The whole rollout is expected to be complete within “the coming months.”

Auto Sign Out Mode is currently only becoming available to devices based in the US, Mexico, and Latin America.

While this might not sound like a majorly useful feature, it is one which will directly benefit those who often receive house guests. So much so that the Roku announcement largely focused on this particular scenario.

Roku points out that when a device owner now has a guest come to stay they can allow the guest to sign into their own services through the Roku device without having them (or the guest) worrying about signing the user out when they leave again.

This will likely appeal even more to those who routinely offer accommodation to multiple different people throughout the year, like for instance, those who provide accommodation through home-sharing services such as Airbnb.

Regardless of how frequent visitors are, the more finer benefits of making it easier for users to sign in and out of devices like this is the ensuring that other people do not intentionally or accidentally access each other accounts.

The extra level of separation between accounts will not only make it more safer for both involved with no issues like unauthorized purchases surfacing, but also better in terms of the general experience - where one user’s viewing habits does not impact on the others due to the common use of algorithm-based recommendations by streaming services.

This is the latest in a long list of feature-based changes that have come to Roku OS and highlights the level the company is focusing on when looking at how it can improve the overall user experience. This is also representative of other changes the company has made recently as it is also in the process of side-stepping into new areas of channel access, including premium options.

Roku recently begun adding premium subscriptions to The Roku Channel, including access to SHOWTIME, Starz and EPIX. Auto Sign Out Mode will likely also make accessing those premium subscriptions as easy and as safe on another Roku device, as it will the more typical streaming service options, such as Netflix and Hulu.

Users can turn Auto Sign Out Mode on or off by heading to Settings, followed by System and then enabling or disabling the feature.