Samsung Health v6.0 Brings New Interface & Features

Samsung has just announced a new version of Samsung Health app, version 6.0. This update is actually a pretty major one, as it brings updated health and fitness tools, not to mention that you’ll also get a new UI, and increased personalization as well. Before we start talking about the update itself, it is worth noting that Samsung Health now counts more than 65 million monthly active users all over the globe, which is something Samsung confirmed in its official press release.

Samsung claims that this update makes Samsung Health more intuitive, and by that sheer fact, easier to navigate. All in all, the company has decided to simply Samsung Health’s UI a bit, as it’s categorized better than ever before. The ‘Together’ tab has been revamped, as it now allows you to share photos and celebrate milestones and achievements. The ‘Discover’ tab now brings a different experience as well, it allows you to find health-related content, which includes articles, programs, and partner applications. On top of everything, you can now also purchase wearables, accessories, and health-related goods and services via Samsung Health. Samsung Health v6.0 supports a complete set of SDKs for app and web service integration.

This update did not update the company’s app only, Samsung Health UI on smartwatches has also seen a revamp. Once you update, you will notice that there’s far more ‘at-a-glance’ information for you to check out, including a workout countdown, GPS and heart rate tracking info, and so on. You can now choose between 39 different exercises, while the Galaxy Watch will be able to detect one of the 39 different exercises, and record data even when you switch between exercises. Samsung Health has also received new wellness and stress management features, for when your workout ends, while ‘Sleep Stage Detection’ will track your sleeping habits and try to help you out in that regard as well.

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