Samsung To Terminate My Bixby Level Feature On August 10

Samsung is set to terminate the ‘My Bixby Level’ feature on August 10 that it currently offers to Bixby users who have Galaxy smartphones with the digital assistant built-in. My Bixby Level is a service which lets users level up in a sort of gamification manner for using the Bixby Voice feature. The more that users initiate a task through Bixby, or have Bixby do other things for them such as answering questions, the user can level up and unlock various rewards for doing so. Samsung recently started sending out message alerts to users of the My Bixby Level feature explaining that it would be going away in the near future.

That said, users still have from now until August 10 to continue leveling up if they want the chance at getting some of the associated rewards. Some of the rewards are purely aesthetic and will serve only to allow users to personalize the UI for the Bixby Voice assistant. These UI personalizations are basically just themed backgrounds to customize the look, and once unlocked users can apply them to the Bixby Voice assistant interface. What’s not known currently is whether or not these will go away once Samsung terminates the My Bixby Level service, so it might be worth keeping that in mind if users are going to try and unlock these before the service disappears.

Samsung also offers rewards based on Samsung Pay. Similar to the way users could unlock certain discount rewards and freebies by using Samsung Pay more often, users can also unlock new levels in My Bixby Levels to get to a higher tier of Samsung Pay rewards that can be used for Visa gift cards or even various sweepstakes. Once August 10 hits, users won’t be able to continue unlocking Samsung Pay Rewards unless done through the use of Samsung Pay, though Samsung does note that it will be possible to keep any rewards points earned through the unlock even after the termination date for My Bixby Level.

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