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Enrico Fermi and Dr. Frank Drake
Creating something new and Solving Fermi/Drake problems –
Describing your business idea

Today’s topics:

3d printing, drones, and augmented /
1. Product
2. People
3. Process

Reviewing what you do (Product, People, Process):
Can you captivate someone in 60 seconds?
Question: what business have changed drastically in the past 15 years?
And what outside factors influence these changes?
Question: What would have the highest profit margin out of these items above?
Question: What products do you know of that are really great, but suffer from little or no marketing?
Question: How can you minimize risk?
Question: How can you be sure you have a broad perspective on a problem in your business?
Question: What’s the issue with economic-based planning?
Question: What else do you think will happen?

What you should be focusing on, when running your business
1. Business plan – 3-5 years
2. Funding sources / ownership percentages
3. Management team / quarterly meetings – Listen to other people
4. At most, in your business, only have a one time, 2 or 3 projects (defined through project management techniques)

Project Management
1. WBS – Work Breakdown Structure (pic next)
2. Gantt Charts (pic next)
3. Critical Path
5. Critical Chain

Execution – Actually doing it right

Today’s Task:
Describe your business pitch

1. What do you want to do?
2. How big is the market?
3. How much it will cost?
4. What are the biggest risks?
5. What advantages will your business have?
6. What human resources will you need?
7. How will you use technology?

(3-5 yr time frame)

New Markets to Explore


AR – Pokemon Go / Ingress –
VR – , , Android Gear VR / (), others too!
3D Printing – Regular Extruder, multiple extruders, liquid resin –

Drones – Delivery, Surveillance / monitoring – leaks / defects / etc