Status Ads Are Coming To WhatsApp For Android: Report

In Short: WhatsApp is one of the world’s largest messaging platforms, and according to a new report that surfaced on WABetaInfo, ads are coming to the app. According to a tweet, WhatsApp beta for Android v2.18.305 is implementing Status ads. The source did mention that those ads are not yet visible, even if you install that app version, but that they will be in the feature. It is still unknown what will this all look like, but if this report is accurate, those ads will be displayed only in the Status section of the app, at least for now.

Background: This does not exactly come as a surprise considering that rumors started popping up at the end of last month, stating that ads are coming to WhatsApp for iOS, so it was safe to assume that the same will happen to WhatsApp for Android. This move was rumored quite some time ago, basically ever since Facebook acquired WhatsApp, but nothing has come to fruition, well, until now. WhatsApp co-founders left Facebook quite recently, and that departure was quite bitter it seems, based on their reaction. Now, if we put things into perspective, this move by Facebook may have something to do with this, it may not be the main reason for those two departures, but it may be a part of the reason why the two co-founders left the company.

Impact: WhatsApp is still considered to be one of the fastest and most reliable messaging services out there, in addition to being a voice and video calling service as well, and hopefully that will not change with the addition of ads to the app. Facebook’s very own applications are not exactly considered to be the fastest, lightest, or most reliable out there, so users are concerned for the future of WhatsApp as well. It remains to be seen what will happen in the future, but if today’s report is accurate, you can expect to see ads in the app in the near future, though they will first roll out to a beta version of the application, quite probably.

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