Stay On Top Of Your New Year’s Resolution With eufy’s $30 Smart Scale From Amazon

Amazon has eufy's popular Smart Scale C1 on sale right now for just $29.99. That's good for about $10 off of its regular price - or around 25-percent. That may not sound like a lot, but where other smart scales are priced around $75-$100, that makes this an absolute steal, and definitely worth picking up. Especially if your New Year's Resolution was to lose weight and get in shape, this smart scale is going to help hold you accountable and that's something everyone can appreciate.

This smart scale from eufy will allow you to track your body weight, body fat, and your BMI, so you can see how much lean muscle you are putting on while you are getting in shape. It comes in both black and white, so you can choose the color that is going to fit your bathroom the best. Additionally, through eufy's app, you are going to be able to compare your weigh-ins over days, months and years to see how far along you've truly come. This is a great smart scale to pick up, especially since the eufy app will also work with Fitbit, Google Fit and other fitness apps out there. You can pick up the Eufy Smart Scale C1 from Amazon using the link below.