Vrchat not working on oculus quest 2

Feb 02, 2021 · Facebook’s Oculus division has picked up momentum, and the company said more 60 virtual reality games and apps on the Oculus …

Challenges to media industry

Virtual Reality (VR) gives the experience of news and fiction that leaves the conventional electronic media far behind. Similarly, the next frontier in …

DOOM Eternal Will Tease Its Second DLC Episode Later This Month

… as Doom 3: VR Edition releases for PlayStation VR on 29th March 2021. … with both expansions and enhancements designed for virtual reality.

Athletics’ Chapman, Olson use VR headsets before back-to-back homers

Chapman and Olson studied Indians starter Adam Plutko on virtual reality headsets 30 minutes before taking him deep in back-to-back at-bats during …

Immersive van Gogh Experiences Bloom Like Sunflowers

“In a world of competition, of course, people will try to replicate,” said Rob Kirk, the head of traveling … Another employs a virtual reality headset. Image.