Temi Is A Personal Robot With Google Assistant Support And A $1499 Price Tag

Temi is a new product that will be coming out this fall, and it does have a pretty steep price tag, but it is a personal robot that does have Google Assistant as well as “Ok Google” support here. Which makes it a pretty interesting robot. Temi isn’t as useful as you might think, and that’s because it doesn’t have arms. But it is able to come to you, wherever you are in the home, and also follow you to continue video chats, play music and whatnot. There are four microphones included on Temi for speaking to the robot, and with four microphones being available, it should hear you pretty easily.

The company behind Temi has added in Harman Kardon sound here, so it’s going to offer some good speakers for playing music and such. But Temi also has the ability to 3D map your home, so it is able to come to you without getting lost or run into things – like some robot vacuums have the habit of doing. This is done with a slew of sensors, including a 360-degree LiDAR, two depth cameras, five proximity sensors, an IMU sensor and six time of flight linear sensors. This makes it so that Temi can whip around your home or office pretty quickly. The display on Temi is a 10.1-inch 2560×1600 IPS LCD display, which can be tilted to the ideal level. It can also track your face and follow it so that no matter where you are in relation to the robot, you can see the display. The tablet has a 13-megapixel camera included that has a 110-degree field-of-view available, and this is for video chatting through Temi.

Temi is nowhere near “cheap”. It’s a $1499 robot that is more of a telepresence robot instead of a humanoid, but with Google Assistant support being included here, it makes it a rather interesting robot. This isn’t going to be a popular one, but it will be interesting to see where Temi ends up, as it’s likely that many businesses may use it for different purposes. Temi will be available later this year. No firm release date has been given just yet.

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